Bureau of technical supervision

Built a gingerbread house-record in Lviv

технический надзорLviv workshop of gingerbread “Uraski” built the largest in Ukraine, a house made of gingerbread. On walls and roof spent 500 kg of dough. The bricks were baked for a week.
“We had 3 of 15 Baker and artists who helped to decorate gingerbreads. Edited the house is still 9 people”, – told Zaxid.net art Director workshop Darina formanjuk.
According to the information btn.kiev.ua national registry of records of Ukraine Lviv the achievement bakers recorded in the category “Culinary art”.
“All the rules of registration of records is met, because the building blocks that made this masterpiece, edible,” – said the head of the registry Lana Vetrova.
Workshop on record I went for a good purpose. From the point of view of the engineer of technical supervision, the house will be able to stand only until the first RAID of the kids.
“We wanted to revive the tradition of fragrant almond cakes, since two hundred years ago they were very popular,” added marketer of Lviv workshop of gingerbread Elena Kumanovo.