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The hotel was built in the format of “prison”

Строительство отеля-тюрьмы

Строительство отеля-тюрьмы

Many people, driven by simple human curiosity, I would like to be in prison. But, of course, only on trips, to see, to contemplate, to feel the atmosphere.
A great chance to try it now is available in the Netherlands. However, with a much more comfortable stay than in a normal prison. The prison of Het Arresthuis-nineteenth century was reconstructed into a luxurious hotel. Today, it is a comfortable hotel with 36 rooms, which is lit with colorful led lights and provides a full range of modern hotel business.Строительство отеля-тюрьмы

The hotel provides good conditions for recreation. Thanks to the reconstruction of a building of 150 separate chambers, which once held prisoners, were converted into 36 luxurious rooms. The highlight of the project is the creation of seven luxury rooms with original names such as the jailer, the lawyer, judge, Director.

Inside the building three floors of a former block of content United by a common space the full height. It comes with plush sofas and coffee tables. You can sit, read a book or just socialize. Prison yard, which at one time held the walking prisoners, has been converted into an outdoor cafe. Of course, a private restaurant and bar. Construction work was easy, in view of the eclecticism of the prison, and monitoring construction work was conducted at a high level.Строительство отеля-тюрьмы
Maintaining customer interest in historical heritage venues, the hotel holds a joint dinner. All the guests gather at a large table set in the long hall of the first floor. Eating dinner, listening to stories and looking at slides about the history of the prison. For the sake of the guests get the striped clothing of the prisoners. All to create the appropriate mood!