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Preparations for Euro 2020: The project presents a unique stadium in Minsk

сопровождение строительства

Project of the Belarusian stadium for Euro 2020.

German and Dutch architects have presented a joint project of the stadium in Minsk, which will host the World Cup Euro 2020. Around it will be built columns, generating energy from the sun, air and water.

German and Dutch Bureau Stadiumconcept studio IAA Architecten specialize in the construction of sports facilities around the world. For the football championship, which will be held in Belarus in 2020, the architects suggested newest stadium project for the operation of which will be used by energy derived from natural sources (the sun, air and water).

Columns located around the football stadium at resemble Seat Valves exhaust pipes tractors are produced in Minsk. They planned to plant green plants in harmony with the parklands. Ekokolonny will energize not only the stadium, but also the surrounding territory.

Not to disrupt construction standards for height, design, due to its size, will be recessed into the ground. Canopy made ​​in the form of skylights will also recalls Caps tractor valves.

Stadium capacity is up to 35,000 spectators. Beside him build a park area, shopping mall and car parking. At the end of the championship football field also can be used for various activities.
From European architects are not far behind and Asian. Singapore has built one of the largest stadiums in the world.