Bureau of technical supervision

What the cost of repairs?

Season repairs this year is atypical: almost 85% of the new building and only 15% for apartments in the secondary market, said the Director of the construction company ProfiRemont Basil Kosovo.

Строительные работы

Строительные работы

The main mood of this season on the rest of the market experts described as expectant. “People postpone the start of the repair. Call-specify the prices, even order a design layout, but I’m afraid to start work. It is unclear what will happen to prices after a month,” says Kosovo.

But overall, customers complete renovation this year more than last summer, said in the company Krentel, collaborating with developers (ukrbud, Liko-holding, etc.).

“Oddly enough, we have more customers than last year and even the year before. Our prices are fixed in the dollar, a design project is from 12 to 45.e. behind the square. About 10% of customers order and repair. Here are the prices very much depend on the selected materials, but on average from 145.e. per sqm,” said Director of marketing and development group of companies “Krentel” Anastasia Semenets.

For the less ambitious customers repair of apartments now offered at a price of 500 UAH./square meters, the repair of apartments — from 800 UAH./sqm turnkey, renovated last year was from 1000 UAH. for square, this is 1200 UAH./square meters”, — said Vladislav from the site “inexpensive Repair”.

In General, the cost of the work repairmen not raised very significantly — by about 20% compared with last year. For example, installation of devices of water supply this summer is like last year, from 100 UAH. Installation of a socket in the past year was from 70-100 UAH, now from 100-120 USD. beyond the point. Wallpapering was worth in 2014 from 15 UAH/sq. m., and now — from 20 UAH. Painting of ceiling rose stronger from 10 UAH/sq. m to 15-18 USD.

But due to the growth of the dollar, energy prices and utility rates, very noticeably more expensive building materials. Even domestic has increased in price on average by 20-40%. For example, a 20 kg bag of Polish putty “Stable” last summer costs about 100 USD, now from 270 UAH. Ukrainian putty has risen from 35 to 60 UAH.

So people are going to make cosmetic repairs, saving primarily on the materials, selecting those that are cheaper. “Go with Polish and Italian materials in Ukrainian and Turkish,” said Vladislav. It is important to note that any foreman or the contractor in Ukraine the necessary supervision in construction which can provide only a certified specialist. These professionals work in the company “Bureau of technical supervision”

“The main customer complex repairs — middle class. On materials, by the way, do not save. Choose from well-known brands, the same Knauff or Henkel, even Ukrainian production of these materials are slightly cheaper than in Europe. But people understand that at 15 years ahead,” said Vasily Kosovo. And save, according to his observations, on furniture and interior detail, almost completely abandoning the import.

Also helps to reduce the estimate of the “joint” order of some works. Furthermore, repairs can take place simultaneously in several apartments on the same site, sometimes on the same staircase. And garbage disposal, and custom welding “in bulk allows you to reduce the prices for these services by 10-15%.