Bureau of technical supervision

“Construction management” and provides the following types of technical supervision

Строительный контроль. Технический надзорConstruction management ” and provides the following types of technical supervision :

– Checking the contractor works as instruments of ( certificates in certain cases ) to apply them to materials, products and equipment , documented results of the input control and laboratory tests , so the engineer controls the quality of technical supervision of construction materials;

Monitoring compliance with rules executor of warehousing and storage of used materials , products and equipment ; when violations of these rules may prohibit the technical supervision of the representative application properly stockpiled and stored materials;

– When checking compliance work performed by the Contractor and the sequence of operations performed by process – technological and regulatory documentation , apply to data processing operations , technical supervision monitors compliance with the technological regimes established technological maps and regulations , compliance with quality indicators of operations and results of design and technological requirements documentation , as well as extending to the data processing operations of regulatory documents ;

– Technical supervision monitors the availability and correctness of the executor of executive and technical documentation , including an assessment of the reliability of geodetic executive schemes made ​​designs with selective control position accuracy of structural elements ;

– Monitoring the elimination of defects in the design documents found during construction, documented refund for defective designer documentation , monitoring and documented acceptance of the revised documentation , the transfer of its work to the Executive ;

– Control the execution executor of the requirements of public oversight and local governments;

– Notice of public oversight of all cases of an emergency condition at the construction site ;

– Conformity volume and timing of the contract works and construction schedule ;

– Assessment (together with the performer works) for work done , structures , areas of utilities, the signing of bilateral acts confirming compliance ; monitor the implementation of the executor of the requirements of non- execution of subsequent works before signing of these acts;

– Final assessment (together with the performer works) conformity of the completed project with legal requirements , design and regulatory documents.

Financial engineering supervision is carried out in order to control the spending of the customer. On the composition of works financial technical supervision carries the same types as the building audit , with the difference that the building construction audit is carried out , as a rule, after the construction of the facility , financial technical supervision is carried out with the start of construction .

Financial engineering supervision includes:

– Conduct surveys and volumes of work actually performed for a specific construction schedule calendar period for their compliance acts performed works and project documentation;

Validation of the value specified for use in construction materials and equipment;

– Examination of the reporting documents: validation and application of the calculation in the Acts of the executed works rates , ratios , indexes conversion rules overhead , indirect costs , estimated profit , etc. to meet regulatory and estimated .

Draw with technical supervision at any stage of the work , but better – as soon as possible . Technical inspections on facilities under construction begins with the implementation of technical inspection . Examination of construction projects – is to check the following aspects :

Examination axes of the building ( for compliance with the project);

Examination of walls, partitions ( for compliance with the size of the building plans , possible deviations );

Examination of vertical marks ;

Examination of the structural strength of special devices ;

Examination of quality concrete work ( formwork , reinforcement, concrete quality ( vibration ) );

Examination of excavation ( volume , quality, sanitation , etc.);

Examination of the quality of materials bearing structures with special devices (using special laboratory );

Examination of waterproofing basements , horizontal waterproofing walls, etc. (very important question) ;

Examination brickwork ( for compliance with design dimensions , ligation sutures , sutures thickness deviation from the vertical masonry grid availability , etc. );

Examination of quality carpentry (all wooden structures ) – antiseptirovanie , bearing capacity , insulation, air gaps , laying roofing and many others );

Examination of estimated actual compliance ;

Examination of estimates;

Examination of the project (this is necessary to analyze all project documentation );

And so on .

With the technical supervision of the construction can avoid many problems , such as:

Differential settlement of the building , cracks, deformation and collapse of the building , caused by failure of regulatory and design requirements and technologies;

Violation of the strength characteristics of structures, deterioration resulting from use of contractors cheap building materials not listed in the project.

Reduced profitability of the project , due to disruption of the timing of the works;

Improper conduct of executive and technical documentation , complicating search violations technologies in the construction and conscious deviations from the project and construction standards from contractors , as well as creating difficulties for technical services at the subsequent operation of the building;

Unjustified increase in costs for the project due to improperly drawn estimates.

In order not to run into these problems should be encouraged with technical supervision at the earliest stages of construction.