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Organic unity of architecture and ecology

All natural ecosystem ( atmosphere, hydrosphere , lithosphere , biosphere ) have a strong destructive pressures . Human civilization was on the brink of ecological disaster. A significant deterioration in the quality of life is clearly defined environmental context. Change the situation , the better targeted systemic change requires all components of the human habitat .

Implementing these changes requires identifying the root causes and sources of deterioration of the environment of human life for the purpose of making an informed and effective implementation of appropriate actions and effects.

Thus , the current environmental crisis has become a major issue of human survival , the continued existence of the entire human civilization. Overcoming this problem is possible only on condition that the ratio of human nature and a proper understanding of man’s place and responsible awareness of their role on Earth. Model of modern terrestrial world structure can be represented by trinity – three interrelated components : nature + architecture + society.

In this architecture performs a kind of link between nature and society. Man to meet their needs through the architecture transforms nature, the environment , creating an artificial (architectural ) environment of human life. We know that the environment was seen as a defining purely biological science . Gradually it transformed in our time has become a science of the structure and function of nature as a whole , the science of the biosphere, the science that studies the place of man on the planet , the science of the relationship of all living things with each other and with the environment – natural and artificial.

In developing an understanding of the nature environment ecology suggest regarded as the science that studies the interaction of the system , the relationship of nature, architecture , society, and how integral a synergistic result. The latter serves the ecological state of the environment that describes a specific set of parameters. A component called the earthly world in accordance with the above, form a system where environmental condition – a new quality of the system , its emerdzhentnist , unusual for any single component ( Fig. ).

Ecology as a synergetic integration of nature, architecture and society

Emphasize that one of the three main components of the earthly world (as a system) believe it is architecture , not the technique, as it was today. After all, the architecture creates an artificial environment in which a particular place belongs technology – as one of the elements of the environment.

The emergence and existence of ecology can be linked to a defining characteristic feature of pair interactions mentioned three components of the modern world. In particular , the interaction of “architecture -nature” characterized pryrodovidpovidnistyu ; interaction ” society -nature” characterized by harmony , cooperation “architecture – society ” is characterized by comfort. Emphasize that the above ideal, desired quality characteristic interaction, as manifested in another reality that was the cause of the ecological crisis.

The above reflections allow to state that the current ecological crisis manifests itself in destructive, negative , and often fatally threatening the existence of wildlife changes in the environment caused by the interference of society, the human community in the natural environment, attempts to change it in its sole discretion , to conquer nature for man meet its needs through tsohochasnyh architecture using techniques , methods and tools of architecture through the creation of architectural environment – artificial in nature , without charge prognostic analysis of the interaction of these two media.

So people change the environment via architecture. The quality (in terms zhyttyedaynosti ) architectural and planning solutions to transform natural space depends ultimately ecological status of the built environment .

Society – a society as a whole social system , a certain type of human community , the social environment of a person , a set of forms of human activity , historically . That is , a person , a person of the vital functions of an individual is an essential part of society, its structural elements. Is consonant to Vitruvius, triune personality characteristics (as socially useful , fully -formed and harmonious development of human beings) act patriotism , professionalism , humanity .

JO Doroshenko, PhD, Professor, National Aviation University

Architecture and Ecology : Proceedings of the V International Scientific Conference (Kyiv, 29-30 October 2013). – Part IV – Kyiv National Aviation University , 2013 . – 256p.