Bureau of technical supervision

To arrange the apartment and the inheritance in Ukraine will be new

The Ministry of justice transmits the right registration in place, promising to simplify the procedure and make it cheaper.

In this case, from may 1 to issue securities, you will not only through the state Registrar and private notaries, but also in the rural councils, centers for the provision of administrative and even in the offices of “Ukrposhta”.

Also expanded the list of entities that will now be able to amend the state register. For example, businesses can register as physical or legal entity on the state services portal iGov under the heading “Business”.

Be the first to evaluate the “Ukrposhta” in the role of Registrar will be able residents of Kiev and Kiev, Zhitomir and Vinnitsa regions: on the basis of these regional directorates are now actively creates the service “service of the state registration”.

There is already trained staff, they are provided with necessary equipment and a stable connection to the network. Moreover, registrars are quite stringent, in particular, experience of at least three years.

Until the end of the year promise to introduce this service in three areas: Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv and Rivne.

How much will it cost to service “post of Registrar” is still unknown. But the company noted that already provide a range of administrative services that the population enjoys a very active. “For three months, issued 83 770 documents. The most popular design of subsidies, the issuance of income statements and extracts from the register of property rights”, — said the press service of “Ukrposhta”.Бюро технического надзора

As for the technical supervision Bureau, our prices and services are stable as the Swiss banks.

The main question is — will the Ministry of justice until may 1 to transfer all powers to the field. Officials promise: in most regions, the timing will fit, because the transfer of rights began with the start of the year. According to the portal of the Ministry of justice, in 15 regions and Kyiv this work is already completed more than 90%. In Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Poltava and Kherson regions the level of preparedness varies from 50 to 70%. The Laggards — Odessa and Lugansk region (30-50%).

Experts are generally positive about the innovation. “In Ukraine, 6.6 thousand notaries public, including the state – only 7%. And if the cost of the services of a notary public is regulated by the law, then private – only market. “Ukrposhta” — the state enterprise, therefore, should expect that its services will, at least, are not higher than those of notaries public. This will reduce prices in the market. That is, if not in his village, then to the nearest post office for a nominal fee it will be possible to make the inheritance, donation and sale of housing,” — said Vice-President of the League of experts of Ukraine Andrey Guselnikov.