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The volume of construction works in Ukraine decreased

The volume of completed construction works in Ukraine in January-September 2015 $ 34,87 bn, having decreased by UAH 10.3 bn, or 22.8%, to last year’s figure, according to the State statistics service (SSSU) of Ukraine.

According to the stat office released data, in September 2015 the volume of construction increased by 4.3% compared with August, but was only 83.6% of the level of September 2014.

State statistics service notes that 51,1% of all completed construction in January-September 2015 amounted to the construction of residential and non-residential buildings and 48.9% of the construction of engineering structures, most of them (20,5%) presented complex industrial facilities.

The smallest share of the volume in January-September, the construction occupies buildings sports and entertainment destination: it took only the 99.2 million, or 0.3% of all funds.

Most of construction works in January-September 2015 made in Kiev — their share amounted to 22.4% (7,83 billion USD) in total. On the Dnipropetrovsk region accounted for 10.7% (3.74 billion UAH), the Kharkiv — 8,9% (3,12 billion UAH), Poltava — 8% (2,79 bn).
Supervision of construction claims that the statistics is correct and the error is minimal.

According to the state statistics service, in selected areas in the first nine months of 2015 is seen exceeding last year’s volume of construction works. Among them — the Transcarpathian region (increase in the volume of construction works by 0.9% compared with January-September-2014), Lviv (6.9 per cent), Mykolaiv (10,4%) and Volyn (37%).

The greatest decrease of volume of construction works in January-September 2015 was recorded in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions: the indicators in comparison with January-September 2014 fell by 67.4% and 76.7%, respectively.