Bureau of technical supervision

About us

Professional technical supervision in construction

Technical supervision is a very important process on all levels of design, construction and reconstruction of buildings, also rebuilding, major and current repairs of residence.

Each inaccuracy, mistake in a plan or constructional works, disparity with Ukrainian legislation may bring to problems in the process of maintenance. That is why accurate technical supervision is needed over contractors’ work.

“BTN” is a staff of professionals who gathered experience within many years to be able to provide with highly qualified technical supervision in construction. Officers of our bureau have worked at buildings in Ukraine, Russia and Europe as superintendents, calculators and engineers of customers’ service in developers’ companies and relevant organizations. Therefore, there are no secrets and dark spots in business and financial relations between a customer and contractors. On each construction level, beginning from geodesy of building area to putting building into operation, we can provide with control of extinguishing defects and eliminating them timely. Our experience allows us to work with both simple projects and the most modern innovational construction technologies.

Legal responsibility of technical supervision in construction

Technical supervision bureau acts exceptionally in legal area of Ukraine. We possess all necessary licenses and certificates to examine calculations, contracts etc. with all responsibility. In addition, we are able to control quality of materials, constructions and work on highly professional level in the process of building and repairs. This is especially important for foreign investors who invest to construction of buildings in Ukraine.

We are aware where to look for “rocks” in contracts and calculations where there is a possibility of real economy of financial expenses and time.

This allows our clients to receive excellent result – timely finishing of building with minimum costs. In case you are looking for a confidential person who will represent your interests in Ukraine with responsibility, competently realize construction plan, than “BTN” company is a right choice.