Bureau of technical supervision

Supervision of construction

Complex control of the project


This section includes research of building area and land. Engineering and geology searches are held to establish accordance of land to project and vice versa. In addition, in case the necessity arises the analysis of few variants of plots of land is made, so that the Customer may get alternative choice.


Main task of this section of services is choice of professional contractors design organization. This is followed by agreement of project task and expert analysis of project documentation.


This is the most difficult and responsible section of company services which accomplishes technical supervision over building. It includes:

  • choice of contractors building organization and co-contractors
  • registration of declaration for starting of building
  • analysis of calculation and agreement documentation
  • control of building (sizes, quality, terms)
  • examination of acts of accomplished work
  • examination of accordance of accomplished work to project
  • signing acts for hidden work
  • with existence of additional work – inserting changes to project documentation
  • monitoring of terms of work accomplishment.


The last level requires, firstly, registration of declaration for bringing building into exploitation, secondly, singing contracts with adjacent organizations for service of equipment.

Thus, “BTN” provides with full spectrum of work concerning technical supervision. Using our services you provide yourself with timely, quality building and repairs. Professional accompaniment of building allows the customer not only save time and nerves, but also be confident in reasonableness of expenses. If you appeal to “BTN” on the level of making project, you can reduce the amount of expenses having controlled calculations and singing only beneficial contracts with contractors.