Bureau of technical supervision

Атомную станцию переделают в военный штаб


Ltd. “CHC CSS Rivne” became the winner of the tender for the reconstruction of the Rovno nuclear power plant building №138 under military headquarters.
Cost of works is 2.3 million. UAH.
According to the technical requirements, the building will be renovated to house the headquarters of the military and the creation of conditions for the training of personnel. The works will be funded from the “Energoatom”.
The project provides for the reconstruction of walls, stairs, staircases, roofs, replacement windows and doors, laying the heating system, water supply and sewerage.
Take part in the tender tried to six companies, but four of them were not allowed for several reasons, including because of the mismatch set of licenses. Therefore, competitors were “CHC CSS Rivne” and “Industrial Group” Antikorrstroyservis. ”
Ltd. “CHC CSS Rivne” (Rivne) was established in 2005 only a tender won by the company for the past six years – the construction of a holiday complex (amphitheater) in the village. Skhidnytsya for 3.92 million. UAH. May.