Bureau of technical supervision

Rules for placement near a house of fence, septic tank, shed

I. regulations for the placement of the shed.

Shed-residential business utility room, which can be used as a household storage room to accommodate cattle, etc..

Rules of placement of outbuildings near the apartment house are defined in the State building codes “urban development. The planning and development of urban and rural settlements” 360-92, approved by order of the State Committee of Ukraine on matters of urban planning and architecture from 17 April 1992 No. 44.

So, in cities and urban-type settlements on private land in compliance with health, fire and building codes can be placed outbuildings. Outbuildings for cattle, other animals and birds permitted in the towns and in urban areas of estate housing, where according to normative legal acts of bodies of local self-government and state supervision allowed their content. The placement of these structures on private land should be done in accordance with local regulations for rural settlements.

The placement of outbuildings on the building line with houses is not allowed. The distance between residences and utility buildings and structures should be adopted in accordance with the sanitary norms, which are given below, but not less than fire regulations.

Buildings and structures – farm buildings, barns for livestock, Pets and birds, measuring up to 50 sq. m (the distance of m)

A residential house and a summer kitchen – 15 m
Drinking water well – 20 m

Забор в Буче

Забор в Буче

II. Standards for the placement of latrines.

State sanitary norms and rules of the maintenance of territories of settlements, approved by Order of Ministry of health of Ukraine of 17 March 2011 № 45 (the Order comes into force on 01 January 2012) determined that the septic tank (cesspool) is an engineering facility in the form of indentations in the ground, made of an impervious material designed to collect and store liquid waste, land part of which is equipped with a tight-fitting lid and a grate for the separation of solid waste.

According to paragraph 2.22. these Public health standards vygreba should be removed from the borders of the land plots of educational and medical institutions, walls of residential and public buildings and facilities, playgrounds for children and recreation for a minimum distance of 20 m.

The location of vygreba on the plot and the distance to own houses is determined by the owner of this house in compliance with the rules of good neighborliness.

Controversial issues regarding the location of vygreba on the territory are considered as solutions to land disputes in accordance with the law.

In conditions of non-centralized water supply vygreba on the territory of the infield should be removed from individual wells and captaia sources on a minimum distance of 20 m, the distance from vygreba in public wells and captaia sources must be at least 50 m. thus it is necessary to consider the direction of the slope of the plot .

III. Regulations for the placement of the fence.

According to claim 3.19*DBN 360-92 “urban development. The planning and development of urban and rural settlements” the existing building height limit of residential buildings, building area, the requirements for commercial buildings, their structure, fence sections, landscaping shall be established by local building regulations. The development of such rules and their approval is in accordance with the norms of laws of Ukraine “About local government in Ukraine”, “On regulation of urban development activities”.

In case of absence of such rules, the issues of fencing of the plots remain unresolved, resulting in conflicts may occur on devices the fences, their designs, to address specific situations may apply the provisions of the Land code of Ukraine concerning the neighbourhood. At the same time, note that in any case, the fence of the infield should be the red line of the street.