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No “elite” housing in Kiev can not be called so – expert

киев элитное жилье

No “elite” housing in Kiev can not be called so. Because the “elite” only the price, but other factors – is jumping above the head. This marks a real estate expert Sergey Kostecki relative ranking of English Global Property Guide. It Kiev took 40 th place for the most expensive luxury housing.
It outstripped Ljubljana Kiev, Bucharest, Bratislava, with a price of $ 3790 per 1 sq.m. “We classification gentrification limited location and price. That is, if it is the center of the city and a high price, in principle, considered an elite house. It’s not particularly valid comparison with European and international experience “- says Kostecki. And explains that the world’s “elite” define high quality building materials, level of service, excellent infrastructure, climate control, modern home control system.
House in the center of Kiev Obolon and call themselves “elite”. However, they also suffer the greatest failures, because no one buys them. “Luxury” housing – this is the only segment of the market, which since 2009 has continued to fall in price. “Elite” segment lies entirely. Offers a huge amount, but there is no demand. Call once a year, “- emphasizes Kostecki.
Also, learn the true cost of capital apartments – it is not a simple one. Apartment can advertise one price and sell at significantly lower. “In Kiev, there is a” elite “and $ 3,000 and $ 15,000 per square meter. With such prices to bring something in – correctly. I have doubts about the numbers that counted for the ranking “- sums up the expert.