Bureau of technical supervision

Illegal construction capital. Published the list of the KSCA

City administration talks of a new building the pyramid because 42 illegal housing complexes built structure Ukogrup. This was announced by Paul Ryabikin (deputy head of the KSCA on construction).

According to him, the objects erected by the developers of this structure, most of them illegal, and tenants have built high-rise buildings often do not have the documents to the apartment.

“It’s 42 large-scale project. Somewhere there is some documents, which is not present any documents. Somewhere obtained documents on the same section, scheduled for the seventh section, built three and a half. I’m waiting for another a broken, chipped pyramid. No one knows how many of these houses for sale, how many times to sell these apartments, “- said Ryabikin, adding that one apartment can be sold several times.

In the age of high technology and ease of access to information is still buyers often populated in the apartment, not inquired about the availability of documents in their own homes. Some of these 42 sites similar situation is observed for several years.

Support of construction. Recall that the company “RTN” performs the full range of work on quality control. Turning to our services, you provide yourself with timely, high-quality construction or repair.

Themselves as developers do not hide the lack of documents. This information was prepared by staff of the KSCA interest in buying property in the guise of ordinary customers. The company’s office explained that the documents in house, they will not receive.

“There’s a right way on the forehead and ask: you need a flat or documents? And yet there are people who only need a flat,” – shared the results of “tests” Ryabikin.

The main feature of construction scams is the low price per square meter apartment. Ukogrup offer for 9-13 thousand hryvnia at the average market cost about 12-15 thousand hryvnia per 1 sq.m. And in this situation, victims are unlikely to receive support from the authorities.
“Such decisions are made Elita-Center, will be gone. People are going to be responsible for yourself, and be responsible for yourself, becoming victims of their own greed,” – said Ryabikin. Although the promises that the government will make efforts to allow finish those objects where no violations of safety standards. Perhaps this would have unfinished auction and find new developers.

“Any inaccuracies, errors in the design or construction works, snip mismatch may cause problems in the operation of the building. This is why it is important that the work of contractors and subcontractors developing competent technical supervision” – the company “BTN.”

According Ryabikin, reasons for this situation, including, in the interest of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors a “fronting” violators. Authorities are preparing civil suits for 18 addresses: to stop the construction work and the recognition of property rights to land for urban communities.

The list of prospective sites City Group / Ukogrup:

1. LCD Zatishny (str. Rudansky 3-a)

2. LCD Youth Initiative (str. Rudansky 9-a)

3. LCD Pine Forest (str. Olevskaya, 5, 9, 11, 15)

4. LCD Pechersk Bastion (str. Ol’shanskaya 2)

5. Elegant LCD (st. Zhilyanskaya, 118)

6. LCD Home Kuzminskaya (str. Jamba Zhabayev)

7. LCD Bella Vista (str. Soshenko 33)

8. LCD Rodin Zatyshok (str. Jaroslav Hasek, 20, 22, 24)

9. LCD Shіdna Gate (ul. Bright, 3)

10. LCD New Wave (Kharkiv highway, 15 A)

11. LCD Pearl Troeschina (str. Zakrevskogo 42A)

12. The flagship LCD (trans. Lobachevskian 7)

13. LCD Starodarnitsky (str. Lokhvitskaya 1-2 / Kharkiv highway, 17A)

14. LCD Mega City (Kharkiv highway, 19)

15. LCD capital city (ul. Lysyanskaya 9)

16. LCD Dominion De Luxe (str. Ushinskogo 40)

17. Office and residential complex, Prospect Grigorenko 39 b

18. The office center on the street. Larisa Rudenko, a 6-

19. Office Center Street. Zabolotny, 150

20. LCD NAUKOVO (st. Peter and Paul, 40)

21. LCD Tropinin (str. Tropinin, 3-5)

22. LCD Sovski ponds (st. Kirovograd, 70)

23. LCD Mosaic (Strategic Highway 53

24. LCD Ambassadors (str. Jamba Zhabayev, 7d)

25. LCD Art House (ul. Lisichanskaya 29)

26. LCD Tikhoretsky (str. Tikhoretskaya, 40/7)

27. LCD Mia Villa (ul. Mendeleev, 18, 20)

28. SEC Miloslavskii number (str. Miloslavskaya, 31-in)

29. LCD New Wave

30. LCD Sineozerny

31. The LCD on the street. Zhylyanska 120-b

32. LCD Panoramic town

33. LCD Olympic Village

34. LCD South Quarter (st. Timothy Strokacha 9)

35. LCD Shevchenko Quarter (st. Novoukrainskaya, 24a)

36. LCD Margarita (str. Bulgakov, 12)

37. LCD Panoramic

38. LCD Kuz’minskii

39. LCD Kuz’minskii-2

40. LCD Perspective

41. LCD Zamkovetskoy

42. LCD Symphony on Avenue of Science, 66-70.