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“Is it possible to heat the house exceptionally warm floors?”

тепловой расчет дома

” Is it possible to heat the house exceptionally warm floors ? ” – A question that is often asked by adults who had studied in school.




Have to explain ….

When designing the cottage must carry out the calculation of the heating load in Watts . This calculation shows how much power in watts of heating is necessary in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house during the cold season . If the thermal power supplied by your radiators, depends on the design of the heating load, these heaters will be enough to heat – no matter whether it is warm floors or table lamp .

Of course, the house with high heat losses – more 80Vt/m2 – heat via underfloor not be as warm floor refers to a low-temperature heating systems ( why would you go on the hot griddle ) – heat, which will give the heated surface of the floor , will not be enough in order to compensate for the heat losses of the house.

Also saying that any quality energy-efficient house , in which the heat loss is low , it is possible to heat the heated floors . But to define it “by eye” did not succeed. When designing buildings always need Thermal calculation – only designer on the basis of a set of indicators able to pick up the correct version of the organization heating.