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Modular cabin with an area of only 42 square meters, which will fit even in the narrowest section

ALPOD - модульный домик площадью 42 кв. метров.

ALPOD – модульный домик площадью 42 кв. метров.

Recently in one of the parks of Hong Kong appeared not quite normal modular house. Despite the fact that it looks like a container or a kiosk inside the structure is acceptable for housing. The developers hope that the building of 42 square meters is a perfect alternative to a small housing, which can be installed even in the most cramped conditions.
The result of collaboration of three companies AluHouse, James Law Cybertecture and ARUP became the new modular home ALPOD designed for placement in the city. A first sample is located in the territory of Kowloon Park in Hong Kong.

The aluminium used as a main material, since it meets all the necessary characteristics: corrosion resistance and easy adaptation to different climatic conditions. Given the relatively small weight of metal, ALPOD can be easily moved from one place to another. Plus, the aluminum is well suited for recycling. Support of the construction of such houses very low, all work is performed at the factory.
Each house has an area of 42 square meters. Flooring is laminate, walls and ceiling are trimmed with brushed metal finish, to accentuate the modern design of the house. Natural light in addition to transparent sliding doors penetrates through hatches in the ceiling. At night the lighting inside the structure is carried out by LEDs.
The architects suggest that the residential unit ALPOD can be not only an independent unit, but to develop in a modular skyscraper, thus saving space.
Modular houses can be countless variations.