Bureau of technical supervision

MoD could not wriggle out of housing in Odessa

проектная экспертиза

Kyiv Economic Court ordered the Ministry of Defence to pay PE “Monolith” 6.15 mln.
According www.BTN.kiev.ua, in 2006 the Ministry of Defense has hired a company to build a 142-apartment house in Odessa. The total cost of the work amounted to 25.05 mln.
In 2007-2008. the company has executed a number of works. At the same time due to the limited budget funding timing and amount of work reviewed. In 2011 the company began to demand from the Ministry of Defense increase the cost of work due to the significant increase in prices. Not having received the consent of the company through the court made the termination contract. Due to the fact that the contract was terminated, the Defense Ministry did not see reason to pay 6.15 mln. – The cost of performed but not paid work.
In a dispute the court sided with the state of emergency “Monolith”. He referred to Part 1 of Art. 1212 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, according to which a person must return the wrongly received property, even if the basis on which it was received, and later fell off.
Conducting construction company acts confirmed receiving the executed works. But these documents are no authorized signatories Defense Ministry. Therefore, the court appointed forensic expert developer that has determined that the PE “Monolith” work carried out on 6.15 mln. and they meet the state standards.