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Lviv in court will pay for the unfinished stadium to “Euro-2012”

Economic Court of Kyiv satisfied the claim of OOO “Ukrdizayngrupp” to the State Enterprise “Directorate of Building Euro 2012 in Lviv” for the recovery of 43.8 thousand. UAH. for the implementation of construction supervision training base in Slavsko.

Славське стадион. Строительство

Славське стадион

Base were built in Ukraine for the finals of the European Football Championship “Euro 2012”. But the building was never finished. In April 2013, the company gave the state enterprise acts of the executed works on the project “Stadium on the street. O. Ste in the village Slavske Skolovskogo district, Lviv region” in the amount of 43.8 thousand. UAH. The signed acts the company has not received, but with the new claims and pay the work requested in June 2014

The management said that the financing of the construction was carried out in the framework of the state program of preparation and holding in Ukraine of “Euro-2012”. According to the Directorate reasons beyond government funding program has been suspended since the fourth quarter of 2012. The company is still waiting for the resumption of funding and earmarked funds entering guarantees payment of the debt.

But, according to the Court, the reference to the absence of a target budget allocations for financing of works under the contract can not be grounds for exemption from the obligation to pay for the work performed. Since in the absence of means to pay for the customer to suspend execution of the contract. Therefore, the court has decided to collect a debt of state-owned enterprises under the contract.