Bureau of technical supervision

“Lukoil-Ukraine” fined for illegal construction

сопровождение строительства

Inspection of State Architectural and Construction Supervision in the Kherson region will collect more than 1 mln. FDI “Lukoil-Ukraine” for the construction activities at the petrol station without permits.

The press-service inspection in February was an exceptional check gas station “Lukoil-Ukraine”, located in the village Antonivka. At the time of Inspectors found the construction activities without obtaining permits. In particular, conducted land works, overhaul of the network and the fuel dispensing unit. Support for construction of decency and professionalism.

For violation of the legislation in the sphere of urban development activities on FDI “Lukoil-Ukraine” was fined 1.09 mln.

But the company has tried to challenge the decision of inspection in the District Administrative Court of Kyiv and Kyiv Appeal Administrative Court. However, the courts did not support the company. So fine “Lukoil-Ukraine” will fill the state budget for 1 mln.