Bureau of technical supervision

Lukashenko finished badly: Ukraine introduces import duty on almost all products from Belarus – 55.29%


Ukraine has decided to impose duties on imports of confectionery, dairy products, light bulbs, refrigerators and fertilizers from Belarus in the amount of 55.29% of the customs value of up to 31 December 2016 (inclusive).

This is stated in the commission’s report.

ICIT July 1, 2014 considered the report of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade “The results of the investigation with respect to discriminatory or hostile action by Belarus concerning the legitimate rights and interests of foreign economic activity of Ukraine – Ukrainian exporting producers of the brewing industry.”

For its consideration by the Commission has decided to introduce a special fee in relation to imports to Ukraine following goods from Belarus:

confectionery, which is classified according to the classification of goods Ukrainian Foreign Economic Affairs (UKT VED) in headings 1702, 1704, 1806 and 1905;

dairy products, which are classified according to the TPC FEA codes 0402, 0403 and 0405;

lamps, which are classified according to the TPC FEA codes 8539 22 90 10;

mineral fertilizers, which are classified according to the UKT VED codes 3105 on October 20 and 00 3105 20 90 00;

refrigerators, which are classified according to the TPC FEA codes 8418 10 20 10, 8418 20 October 91, 8418 October 20 98, 8418 20 October 8418 21 00 and 99 00.

Commission Decision shall enter into force 10 days after its publication (published July 16).