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Exchange rate fluctuations are intensifying the demand for primary housing market

Надзор за строительствомAccording to the head of the capital of the holding company “Kyivmiskbud” Igor Kushnir, today the market of housing capital is “in a state of weightlessness”, it is impossible to predict, but the main influence on the market renders the exchange rate of the dollar.

“As soon as the dollar was on a 24.5-24.7 hryvnia – came again investors. Only the dollar has stopped investors sat down and waiting for the next jump currency… the Banks don’t trust people now. Keep the money at home unsafe, and remain square meters square meters”, – said Kushnir.

According to him, the exchange rate had an impact on the overall sales of the company.

“If you compare last year and current, the square meters sold for 30% less. But due to the fact that the dollar rose, gross income of the company remained unchanged,” – said Kushnir. Quality control in construction at our facilities always on top.

The dependence between the number of transactions and the appreciation of the dollar and confirmed the chief of Department of sales of “Kyivmiskbud” Elena Basenko.

“On Friday we signed 54 of the Treaty, because that was the peak growth rate of the us dollar on Monday 9th. That is a significant jump”. However, she noted that it is best sold today housing economy class. “A lot of visitors… Those who are richer, bought a house last year. And those who are poorer now buy housing economy class” – said Basenko.