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Summary about mini houses.

Авторский надзорSometimes there is a desire to be daunshifterom or just stay another month in the village. The easiest and most sensible action is to build a small, but functional house with all the benefits of civilization.

Mini House

Currently very popular idea of ​​living in a small house with an area sometimes a little more room. Experts are positioning their development as a low-cost and energy-efficient homes. Of course, many have a desire to purchase one of these wonderful homes. However, the question arises: is it really like living in a mini-homes can reduce costs for the consumption of electricity and maintenance of related communications.

Purchase price. The cost of one of the last projects of mobile and compact housing, which caused heated discussion among users of social networks, called Ecocapsule has not yet named. However, we know that the price of these tiny houses is around $ 30 000. In addition, it will have to acquire the land, which will be home.

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Many prefabricated houses are sold without any communication. To purchase solar panels, battery, wind turbine would have individually. That tens of thousands of dollars. Also, you need to pay for the work of professionals who will install this equipment, which is also very expensive. Of course, you can use our services and we will help you choose the best option that will fit your needs. Supervision of construction – is a professional maintenance and management of construction processes on your construction site. And our experts on technical supervision will always render you professional assistance.

The remoteness from populated areas. Accommodation in a house with an autonomous power supply system and a small kitchen garden can be profitable if only will not have to travel frequently to the city. Otherwise, the cost of fuel will block all the advantages of being in a mini-houses. And the experts of the company G-pod believe that their self, mobile homes from the container would be competitive. However, its cost is also not the lowest – $ 50 000. Or buy a sports wheelbarrow?