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Colorful external insulation violates building codes

Colorful exterior insulation of high-rise buildings can be regarded as a violation of building codes.Красочное внешнее утепление нарушает строительные нормы

According to the expert on energy saving, head of the EU project “Covenant of Mayors – East” Svyatoslav Pavliuk, Ukrainian know-how not only increases the energy efficiency of housing, but also creates problems, reports Chernigov.info.

“In the case of a single “plastron” the insulation of apartments you need to pay attention not even on the legal rules and the laws of physics, which are stated in the school textbooks in physics for 8th class – says the expert. – In Ukraine typically use cheap packing foam – brittle, low density and vapor permeability, which leads to formation of fungus.”
Svyatoslav Pavlyuk am sure that sooner or later the tenants of these apartments will have to remove the problematic “warming”.

“To implement energy-saving activities should be according to the rules of the State construction norms (DBN) and Guidance on thermal modernization of buildings, – the expert explains, – However, for the use of the latest document that is designed for public funds and should be freely available, today it is necessary to pay about 460-800 hryvnia – as a result, Ukrainians insulated high-rise buildings in violation of all rules”. Technical supervision for the insulation of homes and the supervision of builders on building sites.

The expert believes that the state should compensate a part spent on a complete insulation of high-rise buildings funds.

To forbid dyeing insulated walls different colors in one house requests in the petition to the local authorities the inhabitant of Chernigov Cial bree. “Why no one watches the architecture and color of buildings? You can also change color based on the total color of the house that it was updated, but not distorted”, – the statement says.