Bureau of technical supervision

How to register a business and real estate in Kharkov

Last days to register a property or enterprise Kharkiv only in the registration Department of the city Council.

As the Director of the division Oleg Drobot, the transition period, when registration was conducted in the departments of justice and the Department of registration, ended.

The documents for registration of rights to immovable property must be submitted in the centers of providing administrative services (the main on Krasnoshkolnaya embankment, 26, or nine of the district).

Documents on registration of business can still be sent on the address: Moskovsky prospect, 96-a (tel: 760-79-27, 760-79-32). In the near future these services will also be transferred in all territorial subdivisions of the Central administrative services.

In addition, from 4 April to register and to check out (registration of place of residence) can only be made through the registration Department. To obtain these services also can be in the center to provide administrative services and in all its regional offices. But the certificate of family structure, the Department does not issue, they must provide the operating agencies that serve the house.