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As for the Ukrainians to get a loan for insulation from EBRD


Raduga Ukraine have a new source of funding for energy efficiency in the housing sector.

It is about 75 million euros that our country allocates the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD).

It should be said that the residential sector of Ukraine is one of the largest in Europe (over 10 million buildings).

Credit resources will be made available to three commercial banks: UkrSibbank, OTP Bank and Megabank. Those, in turn, will lend to the population and associations of condominiums (ajoah).

Long-term loans will be issued on the insulation housing, replacement of Windows, installation of solar thermal systems or the modernization of existing heating systems and many other such events.

“Unfortunately, we can’t talk about interest rates on loans, in each case, because this issue will decide the commercial banks themselves,” — explained the representative of the Eastern European partnership in the field of energy efficiency and environment (E5P) Anders Lund.

There is a possibility to reduce the expenses on the loan due to grant aid donors, primarily E5P, the largest which is sponsored by the European Union. For cheapening the purchase of modern technologies, materials and equipment in 2016, the Fund allocates 15 million euros.

“This is the first tranche of grant aid. And as necessary we will Supplement it. We know that this kind of program is significant pent-up demand, because we will see how it will match our expectations. The role of the Fund in using grants to make such loans to the population more interesting,” explained Anders Lund.

Individual households and condominiums will be able to find on the web site of the program www.iqenergy.org.ua available technologies taking into account their individual needs. Borrowers who meet the criteria for participation in the program will be able to get loans and partial compensation of costs (from 15-20% for private households to 25-35% dsom).

Senior Manager of Department on energy efficiency and climate change EBRD Sergiy Maslichenko said that the main requirement for receiving credit under the energy IQ program is the use of candidate technologies that will improve energy efficiency by at least 20% of the existing average level in Ukraine.

Based on this criterion, the EBRD has prepared a list of almost 2 thousand names of the goods, materials and equipment. Any supplier can apply to be listed with their products after the technical evaluation the consultants of the project.

The program is flexible. The potential borrower can buy the product in any store. But in building supermarkets, which cooperate with partner banks of the EBRD, there is a point where you can get credit right on the spot.

Second option: choose a product (e.g. boiler, biomass) on the website of IQ energy. You can also print a certificate to purchase and discover where the boiler is sold. Then go to get a loan either in the Bank or in the store.

The purchase of equipment paid full price, and after confirmation it (service organizations list on the website) need to apply for a grant. Applications may be submitted directly on the website. In this case, the quality control in construction lies with the contractor organization.

This grant to individuals will be 15% of the cost of equipment and installation for a one-time event and 20% in multiple implementation of energy efficient technologies. The CMF for a single event on warming or heating facilities will give the opportunity to offset 25% of project cost, and more complex events — 35% of the value of work and materials.