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How does ProZorro actually.


Today our President wrote on the page on Facebook, signed the law “On public procurement” and launched the work of the service transparent procurement Prozorro. He also claims that it is an effective and efficient system and the corruption and fraud of public officials will be excluded. How are things really? Here’s how:

1. Registered ProZorro.

2. Found your profile offers relevant and are already in the works. Attention was drawn to the package for December 2015 value of from 0.4 to 1.5 million for technical supervision in Vinnytsia, Odesa, Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

3. Studied the package in Vinnytsia oblast. Won offer value T. 965 USD. There have been proposals for 200,319,320,800,890. They were rejected for lack of documents. Documents winner download is not possible from the site.

By regions, the situation is similar with numbers. Only in the Kiev region the auction was canceled.

4. Filed a complaint.

5. Responded quickly. After 5 days. The result – 0!  The answer ( below): the smaller proposals were disqualified by the decision of the customer! Why? It is clear that the customer has found a formal reason. In fact, proposals with a lower price deleted for lack of documents! Maybe it was cheaper to request documents and to sign the contract for 200-320 T.?UAH. Than to pay T. 965 USD. for perfectly prepared tender package. So there is no time – it’s December! Do not eat public money – next year they will not. The price of question T. 600-700 UAH. What is the purpose of the tender, Mr. President?!

prozorro рішення 448

prozorro рішення 448