Bureau of technical supervision

How to check the land for “free”?

Как проверить землю на «свободность»?

To check the ground on the presence or absence of the owner, should submit a request to the Department of architecture, urbanism and cadastre and add to it a printout from GoogleMaps.

Within the Department there are inventory service, which keeps records of land, buildings, utilities and roads. They need to write the query: “Beside me there is a land plot, please tell me, does it belong to someone on the property right”.

Picking up and analyzing archival documents, they give the answer. Variants may be multiple, starting with the fact that the soil is completely free to the fact that it is completely decorated.

If lucky to get a positive response from the Department of architecture, promise that very soon the earth will be yours! Only apply to the city Council, to get permission of the session, Department of architecture, land cadastre and please — get to health.

Judicial protection
The General procedure of free privatization of a land plot is rather long and involves a number of approvals. In practice, to obtain land in the property, exercising its constitutional right, the ordinary citizen is not easy, though possible. The only method of legal protection in the case of passing all procedures and of refusal — appeal to the court, which also does not always lead to a fast and effective solution to the problem.


So, what you need to know to have the opportunity to receive free land in our country:

Every citizen of Ukraine (regardless of age, status, social status) may use this right.
It is possible to get for free 6 plots, but not more than 1 section for each target destination. And only after all the stages you can request a quote and also order to test estimate the AVC. So how to check everything.
The plot of land can be obtained as in the cities, villages, other settlements and outside (depending on purpose).
It is necessary to pass a difficult procedure of receiving the land plots to prepare the whole pile of documents.
The procedure is not so free: you have to pay the notary (from 600 UAH), land use organizations (1-3 thousand UAH), the state tax and other waste on documentation.
Land resources are limited and resources are non-renewable, that is, sooner or later the earth will “end”.
You also need to remember that this is valid right until today the Constitution of Ukraine and the Land Code of Ukraine. And we should not exclude the possibility of unexpected termination of free privatisation.