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As Ukrainians moneychangers throw fake money

Due to jumps in the currency market Ukrainians are turning to the exchangers , and those – customers come true fake bills. According to the Speaker of the Kiev police Olga Bilyk , this year , law enforcement officers have seized counterfeit money – about 400 euros, 500 dollars and several thousand hryvnia .

Do speculators have two basic ways to trick the victim . “First – this is fake money. Second – a” doll ” when the first and last original bill , and others – just paper ,” – said Olga Bilyk in the program “critical point ” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

Expert Independent Association of Ukrainian Banks Ruduha Natalia told how not to buy fake.

“We need to look at the protective tape. Older – solely on the light in the new – thick blue bar that runs through the dollar. Quality stuffed character – it must be determined at the hand a hundred dollars – is done for the blind . You can test the relief on his jacket , on the hair , fine-fine dots on the face of the portrait. sure copybook correspondence par . This to one dollar could not convert 100 ” – explained Natalia Ruduha .

In the current situation to buy expensive dollars Ukrainians are not advised . Officials convince by example that the hryvnia – is stability . ” That I was dead if I’m lying , that I have at least one dollar ,” – says Valery Litvitsky , adviser to the head of the National Bank of Ukraine.

” Today we need not panic because that by the real economically viable fall of the hryvnia to add more. From panic,” – said Alexander Sugonyako , president of the Association of Ukrainian banks.

Bankers believe that now is the time to open a deposit . ” If you look at the level of deposits , it is now at its historical maximum . As stabilize rates will decline. Therefore necessary to enjoy the moment and the place for the most competitive rates ” , – says Sergey Chernenko , chairman of Commercial Bank .