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Cabinet again will make the market valuation of real estate “free”

According BTN.kiev.ua Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers meeting on Wednesday to decide on the complete monopolization of the market assessment for the purposes of taxation and charges other mandatory payments, the prime minister said Yatsenyuk.
“Today, finally will be liquidated this corrupt institution estimates”, – he said, opening the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.
Prime Minister said that the scheme, in which this type of evaluation was commissioned by a few firms, was introduced under President Viktor Yanukovych.
Yatseniuk added that long ago gave the order to eliminate it, but it was carried out for nearly five months.
As reported, the new direction of evaluation – for the purpose of taxation and charges other mandatory payments – provided by Article 172 and 173 of the Tax Code. Its development was accepted by the Cabinet of Ministers №103 26 October 2011 on the determination of the appraised value of traded (exchanged) real estate and construction in progress. Initially, the registry included almost everyone of the firm. However, after the entry into force on 14 May 2012 the Law on the State Property Fund, as amended, the deputy of the VI convocation Sergei Osyka situation has changed: FGI together with the State Revenue Service had to make a new register of appraisers for tax purposes, for which this type of activity is exceptional. In this registry were only 12 companies with about 40 professionals.
This led to protests appraisers, who briefly managed to keep the market from monopolization, pushing the effective date of the Cabinet decision on certification of evaluation activity and evaluation to determine the estimated value of the property, but on 1 February, he is still in force. Just want to believe that this market will follow the norms of technical supervision and supervision of the construction will be carried out at the proper level.
As head of the council said “Ukrainian Society of Appraisers’ (DOE) Alex amphitheater, due to monopolization of the market assessment services, depending on the object varies between 0,7-9,7 thousand. UAH without conforming applications SPF on the cost of such services at the level of UAH 300 . According to him, we are talking about is actually the only appraiser from February 1, 2014 in Ukraine – a private entity “Ukrainian Institute of Quality Management in valuation activity” with which market participants are required to enter into a license agreement for the use of deducting them registered copyright 80 thousand. UAH lump sum and an additional 80% of the cost of each evaluation object.
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