Bureau of technical supervision

Engineer Technical Supervision – Definition

Technical supervision is a set of activities related to the examination and verification of the construction process, aimed at ensuring compliance with cost, schedule, quality and quantity of work performed.


Инженер технического надзора

Инженер технического надзора

Technical supervision is carried out by a team, including:

  • Engineer Technical Supervision (ITN) for general construction work;
  • ITN on the power grid;
  • ITN plumbing systems;
  • ITN air conditioning and ventilation systems;
  • specialist in the production and analysis of documents;
  • design engineer.

Responsibilities ITN:

  • accommodation in order to design institutions drafting of construction documents;
  • collect the necessary documents for opening of financing new unit;
  • obtaining permission from city services to ensure the construction site with electricity, water, gas, communication and so on. etc .;
  • Finally, the general agreement with contractors;
  • providing construction company permission for the demolition of building structures and green spaces;
  • transfer to the authorized person of the construction company technical documentation;
  • Hidden receiving special works;
  • check for certificates for equipment and materials used in the construction of the facility;
  • reconciliation volume of work performed with the data indicated in the monthly report, compiled by the contractor;
  • control of timely compliance with the requirements specified field supervision;
  • participation in the evaluation of the technical object in the case of its conservation;

In addition, the technical supervision engineer is responsible for:

  • approval regulations for works that do not conform to those specified in the project;
  • false indications of excessive workload, which leads to an increase in the cost of construction;
  • signing acts on the hidden works composed in retrospect, causing deterioration in the quality of these works.

Each engineer technical supervision after the mandatory certification receives a certificate of technical supervision. To obtain it, you need to prepare a package of documents, consisting of:

  • Application form;
  • copies of your passport and TIN;
  • certified copies of the following documents: employment record, diploma / certificate of graduation, a document of professional development in the direction of certification);
  • report on achievements in professional and creative direction.
  • After receiving the certificate of Technical Supervision ITN has the right to carry out work on the construction of architectural objects even in the absence of the required license.