Bureau of technical supervision

The industrial park will be built in Lviv

The tender commission unanimously called OOO “City Park Lviv”, which is a subsidiary of the Dutch company CTP, the winner of the investment tender for the construction of the industrial zone industrial park in Lviv “Ryasnyi-2.” While the Ukrainian subsidiary of the well-known construction company in the Netherlands was the only bidder for granted, but, on the conclusions of the commission of reservations regarding the company is not, and all the documents are drawn up correctly, so no reason not to recognize it as a winner there. All work will be carried out strictly in compliance with the building control.
According to the head Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Investments Lviv city council Olga Sivak, with the company I contacted the city for quite some time – more than a year. This is one of the largest developers and owners of industrial parks, it takes on this position, the fourth largest in Europe and the first – in the Czech Republic.

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“After seeing it erected facilities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, we were pleasantly surprised by the level of construction and culture. In addition, the PP has a database of contacts, which covers more than 400 large enterprises, which can be involved in the creation of an industrial park in Lviv. Sredi them Bosch, Siemens, LEGO and others. Therefore, we are very keen to just such a company has started the implementation of our project, “- said Olga Lviv journalist Igor Sivak Galushchak.
In accordance with the terms of the competition, the winning company will build this facility in Lviv at their own expense. The city also enter it painted communications to the site, to which the city budget allocated 10 mln. UAH. According to the business plan of the investor, it plans to invest in the construction of nearly 50 million. Euro and put on 100 sq. M. m within the park about 20-30 companies – mostly foreign, but promises to attract and local. Control of construction work will be carried out by qualified engineers with the company in the technical supervision. In general, this means for the city more than 3 thousand. New jobs – and it is in addition to those that will be created in the construction of the industrial park.
How much time will implement the project – it is not known. Only one summarizing communications to the site will run until the year. At the same time will prepare technical and engineering documentation. And if all the documents will be good to start the actual construction itself will be in the next year. Then, a year or two will spend on work and the deployment of new productions.
“This company is important to us also because, although we do not give it tax benefits, it is, nevertheless, it is interested in this project. In any case, we have proposed to amend the law on industrial parks in order to free the investor from rent for 5 years. In the second reading of the Verkhovna Rada will pass the said bill. So we will see whether our proposals into account or not, and who really wants real reform parliament and who is there only shaking the air, “- added Olga Sivak.