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Deep-water dock in the port of Odessa will be built by the end of 2015

сопровождение строительства

Project construction of deepwater berth 1-s, which occurs in the rear of the complex construction of grain transfer company “Brooklyn-Kiev” capacity of 4.5 million tons, will be implemented in 2015. This was during the signing of the loan of $ 60 million between the EBRD, “Brooklyn-Kiev” and Louis Dreyfus Commodities said the head of the Administration of the seaports of Ukraine (ASD) Andrey Amelin.
He noted that the state examination of the project was passed in February this year. “Certain circumstances in the country slowed down processes for property tenders, approval of financial plan and titles in the Cabinet. We are working on it. I hope that in the next month we will co-ordinate this work, declare the tender will start work. As a result of the tender will be selected for the new contractors “- said Amelin.
Depth at the berth in the first stage, the head of ASD, will be 12 meters, will be further reduced to 13 meters. According to data published on the website of the Odessa port administration, operational quay length will be 254 meters.
In turn, General Director of “Brooklyn-Kiev” Yuri Gubankov noted that the current first stage being built grain transfer complex of “Brooklyn-Kiev” under construction at the port of Odessa, to the end of the year will bring the amount of handling up to 1.5 million tons.
“Today, we processed 320 tonnes of cargo, and almost every month transshipment volume reaches 130-150 tons. Though we have not yet fully launched terminal hopefully by the end of the year to recycle under 1.5 million tonnes. This is a very good indicator for the first line, “- he stressed.
CEO also said that the project cost is $ 99 zernoterminala million “About $ 62 million we have already invested in them are present due to other banks, there will be refunding after receipt of the EBRD loan,” – said Gubankov.
According to him, Louis Dreyfus Commodities today is a partner company and the main client, which will become a full shareholder after the completion of the terminal.
Furthermore, Gubankov noted that the full operation of the terminal will give 85 million hryvnia additional revenue for the port of Odessa, as well as 50 million hryvnia contributions to the state budget.