Bureau of technical supervision

Extinguish fined Dairy Plant in Mykolaiv on budroboty unauthorized and illegal operation of

Office of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection in the Mykolaiv region stopped the operation of a number of objects Pervomaisky dairy plant (PMMK) because of their unauthorized construction and illegal exploitation. The violator was fined 109.6 thousand. UAH.Технический надзор в строительстве

At the request of the investigator extinguish inspected objects Pervomaisky dairy plant at:. Pervomajsk Avenue Trudeau 12.

The inspection revealed that the overhaul of the main building, worker housing, building structure, building construction works Freon station budroboty utility room on the reconstruction of the existing building, reconstruction refrigerator conducted without project documentation. Construction quality control was absent as such, and that’s the consequences.

Documents providing the right to perform construction workwith overhaul of 3 buildings: Building Freon station; utility room reconstruction, reconstruction of the refrigerator to the Inspection not provided.

Also reconstructed premises operated without putting them into operation in the legislation.

The audit JSC “ICC Pervomajskiy” given an order to eliminate violations and stopping operation of facilities not taken into operation, and fined 109.6 thousand. UAH.

Management also extinguish in the Mykolaiv region appealed to the court and Mykolaiv District Court upheld the decisions of the officials of the Office.