Bureau of technical supervision

Maintenance of premises of the House of trade unions under cafes illegal

Кафе на Майдане независимости

Кафе на Майдане независимости

State architectural and construction Inspectorate of Ukraine and its Department in Kiev did not register any documents for the reconstruction of the premises of the House of trade unions at the cafe. So today this property is being used illegally.

According to the current legislation Derzharhbudinspektsiya may conduct an unscheduled inspection of the object only on the basis of a written request from individuals, legal entities, public organizations, deputies of all levels. As of today, no complaints – neither deputies, nor from the KSCA, nor from citizens didn’t arrive.

As soon as the corresponding address, Department DHABI in Kiev would immediately start checking the legality of the arrangement of the catering establishments in the House of trade unions. Checking of regulatory documents for construction, supervision of construction.

During the inspection of the Inspection object to find out what contract documents, in particular, agreements on the lease of premises was placed to catering establishments in the House of trade unions.

By results of check DHABI will determine the measure of responsibility of the customer of reconstruction for the violation of urban planning norms, standards and regulations and will bring him to justice.