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Experts hurry with the new master plan of Kiev

сопровождение строительства киев

In early September, the Kiev mayor’s office is going to adopt a new general plan for development until 2025 His training will take 20 million from the budget. UAH. Now in Kyiv the current plan until 2020, approved in 2002
As it became known Btn.kiev.ua, new master plan want to consider at the next session of the city council – the mayor has given instructions to his deputies to finish before September 1, all the work in preparing the document. Architecture and Town Planning Council of Regional Development is completing the examination of the general plan.
Over the 12 years of existence of the general plan it was made more than two thousand. Edits regarding changes in the functional purpose a total area of ​​nearly 3 thousand. Hectares. Now a temporary Control Commission is studying the changes made ​​over the past 8 years. And the head of the commission Tatiana Melikhova strongly against hasty approval of the new master plan.
“These documents are accepted in the long term – 30-40 years. We have a master plan until 2020 Why do you need up to 2025? This document just want to legitimize mass land acquisition “, – said Melikhova.