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Dubai beats all records on construction

Строительство Дубай

The Construction Of Dubai
The company Meydan beginning of the project, which will break all records: in Dubai will be the longest indoor ski slope, the large gym and the world’s tallest residential tower.
An indoor ski slope with a length of 1.2 km will beat the current record held by a slope in Mall of the Emirates (400 m), opened in 2005, the Unique descent will be the center of the entire complex, which also planned to build a residential tower with a height of 711 metres from the hotel with 350 rooms, outdoor restaurant and an observation deck.
In addition, the project provides the world’s largest indoor gym area of 25 thousand square meters, a promenade with a length of 9 km and a four-kilometer-long canal. Still will be a cycle track for 9 km, beach, supermarket and an area for events with a capacity of 60 thousand people.
Construction supervision at the highest level. The construction is estimated at $6.8 billion Project will link the existing complex with Meydan “Burj Khalifa”, the tallest skyscraper in the world. Housing is expected to achieve a 78 thousand people. Construction is scheduled for completion in 2020, when the UAE will host the Expo World Expo 2020.
“Our project is thinking about the future. This will be the Dubai of tomorrow. The support of our partners in the past will help bring our project to life,” said company Chairman Saeed al Tayer