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House solar panels developed in Italy

italy solar

In Italy, figured out how to turn a house into a hub of solar energy. New luminescent material developed at the University of Milan Bicocca together with the National Laboratory of Los Alamos (USA). They can cover not only the roof, which is normally placed on the solar panel, but also the entire surface of the building including the window.

Sunlight accumulated fluorescent nanoparticles, which are applied to ordinary sheets of plexiglass.

New solar panels may consist of plastic or glass plates with optically active substances – the so-called chromophores.

They absorb sunlight and release it into the plate. Light reaches the edges of the plate, equipped with small solar cells, which convert it into electrical energy.

As technology allows you to select the degree of transparency in the photovoltaic cell can turn ordinary window.

The invention of Italian scientists has great potential in the field of environmental architecture, especially since the device can be any shape and color.