Bureau of technical supervision

The house of straw near Olesko castle

A year ago on a farm near Olesko castle of Lviv artist Taras the Supervisor began to build the eco-house. Baled walls “borrowed” from the Dutch. Something like that, the artist says, are made in America and in Germany.
Straw is laid out, and then obstrigaetsja.
To work, the artist invites friends. According to him, they will help build the walls warm.
“For work take rye straw,” said Zaxid.net Taras the Supervisor. But at its edges like straw and had to drive the truck from Lutsk. And cover the house with clay outside the artist to help local and visiting children knead the clay feet.
At the time to erect the frame came the masters of Kryvorivni.
“Sprinkled with Holy water, a penny at each corner was hacked. Steel, prayed and began to build,” recalls the Taras Ben. Of course, the technical supervision for the facility was so to say “by eye”. But farmers in each lives the engineer of technical supervision.
Did everything according to the traditions of their ancestors. Even when the master went to eat, axe have left killed – is also given a “rest”.