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What people are interested in real estate?

технадзор за строительством

технадзор за строительством

Over the past few years has changed the trends in the property market – investors are willing to sacrifice living space for infrastructure. This was announced by the representative of the Association of real estate professionals Arthur Pilipchuk.

He noted that each investor in the selection of housing is guided by its own criteria: someone important is the proximity of the kindergarten, and someone – the degree of readiness of housing.

However, if you summarize, according to him the first place among the characteristics of the first is location, the second area, then: quality house, quality communications.

“Today compared to 5-10 years ago, there is a trend: buyers pay more attention to indicators such as the quality of the house and especially the infrastructure. If 10 years ago it almost didn’t notice 5 years ago where I started to pay attention, but now it is very important to have a developed infrastructure: cheap square meters with a large area, which is where the infrastructure is not very in demand. On remember, if you are already decided on the construction of his house, it is possible to organize the technical supervision of the construction you will help our specialists, Bureau of Technical supervision. People are now very mobile, they care about comfort, and comfort is not only square footage, so sometimes people go into smaller square metres or greater price, but choose those objects that are located in the area with better infrastructure – parks, gardens, schools, supermarkets, places of leisure, work next”, – said A. Pilipchuk.