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McDonald’s invested over 50 million USD in the reconstruction of the restaurant at the Postal square in Kiev

Реконструкция здания Макдоналдс на почтовой пл

The enterprise with foreign investments (FDI) “McDonald’s Ukraine Ltd” (Kyiv), developing American chain of fast food restaurants McDonald’s in Ukraine, has completed the reconstruction of the restaurant at the Postal square in Kiev, the press service of the company. “The total investment in the reconstruction of the restaurant exceeded 50 million UAH”, – quoted in the message of the General ... Read More »

The cost of repairing the stadium in zmiiv has increased dramatically

The Department of education Zmiyiv district administration signed an agreement with LLC “Millennium Sports” (Dnepropetrovsk) for the reconstruction of the stadium “Avangard” for 15,69 mln. Work must be completed before the end of the year. That is, the expected cost of the work was two times lower – 7,14 mln. The repair will be carried out at the expense of ... Read More »

Modern Villa with a “streamlined” forms

Villa New Water - г-образная вилла с обтекаемыми формами

The Dutch are known for their careful attitude to the environment. And architects, in turn, with the design of the new buildings, try to make them as simple as possible and to integrate into nature. So in the vicinity of the city Naaldwijk original Villa, completely relevant to the allegations. Architect Studio Waterstudio.NL Koen Olthuis has completed work on the ... Read More »

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure of access to the state register of real estate

Строительная экспертиза

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure of state registration of rights to immovable property and their encumbrances, the order of granting information from the State registry of real estate rights and access arrangements in the state register of rights to immovable property. This is stated in the decree No. 1127. In addition to approved procedures, set fees for providing ... Read More »

First regional centre became independent from GADC

контроль строительных работ

In the context of decentralization system of architecture and construction was held a transfer of authority from the State architectural and construction inspection of Ukraine the Executive Committee of Lutsk city Council. Thus, the city became the first regional center of Ukraine, which acquired new urban functions. “The city authority of Lutsk promptly and professionally complied with all conditions for ... Read More »

Construction of a kindergarten near Kherson will cost 7.5 million

Будівництво дитячого садка під Херсоном

Community institution for capital construction and operation of the Kherson regional Council adopted the proposal of PJSC “the Mobile mechanized column №132” on the construction of the kindergarten the value of 7.58 million UAH. It is planned to build a kindergarten for 45 places on Mira street in the village of Iron port Golopristanskogo district. Work must be completed before ... Read More »

In Kherson has cancelled the registration of the Declaration concerning the construction of high-rise buildings along the Avenue Ushakov

В Херсоні скасували реєстрацію декларації щодо будівництва багатоповерхівки по проспекту Ушакова

Management Derzharhbudinspektsiyi in the Kherson oblast has cancelled the registration of the Declaration on the beginning of construction work on apartment construction in Kherson Avenue Ushakov, 62A. Technical supervision of construction under the supervision of experts in the construction business. The test results revealed that the customer of construction – housing construction cooperative “NEW CITY” – has brought false data ... Read More »

The construction of the Rubik’s Cube winemakers of Australia

Будівництво Кубик Рубіка виноробами Австралії

Producer of wine from South Australia d’arenberg wants to create a new monument to national scale by building a tourist center in the form of a Rubik’s cube. Nick Salvati of ADS Architects designed the five-storey building, which is being built in McLaren Vale, the wine region of Australia. The center will have room for tastings, several bars, a restaurant ... Read More »

GASK was stopped by Ukrainian-Polish construction in Lviv

The Department of State architectural construction inspection in Lviv region stopped the construction work on two apartment buildings in block multi-storey residential buildings “rainbow” on Railway street, 7, Lviv. In the course of unscheduled inspection of facilities, the Department has determined that the contractor starting work on the building of houses №№3 and 5 on the master plan without the ... Read More »

Modular cabin with an area of only 42 square meters, which will fit even in the narrowest section

Recently in one of the parks of Hong Kong appeared not quite normal modular house. Despite the fact that it looks like a container or a kiosk inside the structure is acceptable for housing. The developers hope that the building of 42 square meters is a perfect alternative to a small housing, which can be installed even in the most ... Read More »

Created translucent concrete

осуществление надзора за строительством

At first glance, this phrase seems fantastic and unreal. Transparent concrete, or litracon is a relatively new material, it was invented a few years ago and has gained popularity in the market of building materials due to its durability and water resistance. Transparent concrete is a composite material composed of a mixture of cement and glass fiber strands that transmit ... Read More »

In November, slowed the decline in completed construction in Ukraine

Технический надзор объектов

The volume of completed construction works in Ukraine in November of 2015 decreased by 9.5% compared with November 2014, the decrease in the rate in the October-2015 October-2014 was 12.2%. As reported by the State statistics service, data for the indicators are presented excluding the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea and Sevastopol and part of the zone of the antiterrorist ... Read More »

Building a house for 1000 dollars


Recently students architects from the Massachusetts Institute of technology decided to find out whether they will be able to build a house for 1000 dollars to provide quality housing for all in need after a catastrophe or natural disaster. The idea of creating such houses is partly borrowed from the campaign One Laptop Per Child, which are developed, produced and ... Read More »

Compensation of state programs in the construction mortgage loans citizens 2016

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the purpose of fulfilling government obligations to 6,729 thousand citizens in the framework of the state programs of affordable housing to subsidize the cost of mortgage loans and partial compensation of interest on loans for housing for young people proposes to the General Fund of the state budget, million UAH total 142,5089. Such ... Read More »

Reconstruction of Gostiny Dvor in Kiev

инженера по техническому надзору

The state property Fund will create a Commission to conduct analysis and provide recommendations for further effective use of the metacarpus architecture Gostiny Dvor. This is stated in the MFI response to the request of people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko. The Commission meeting will be held at 11:00 on December 17, at Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, 50-G. Lutsenko urged journalists and the ... Read More »

How to create comfort on 18 sq. m


In the canadian city of Vancouver residential real estate is quite expensive, and many families can’t afford to buy a house or apartment. And Isabella Mori, having received a negative experience of renting several apartments, I decided to contact the local architectural and construction company Camera Buildings that was designed and built for his client a very comfortable and compact ... Read More »

Conservation of unfinished construction — how to freeze construction in the winter?


Modern construction technology and extensive global experience allows us to undertake the construction of the house and in the winter time. But most often, in the cold season in our climatic conditions, construction work is halted. The reasons for the suspension of works may be the following: the lack of funds (need time to rest until next season and accumulate ... Read More »

The construction of a plant in Lviv region

The construction of a plant in Lviv region

The company “Leoni” (Germany) plans to increase its production capacity and is considering building in the Lvov area of another company. Now representatives of the company, specializing in the production of cable systems for the automotive industry, looking for a suitable plot. Perhaps the plant is operating in Radehiv district. “The factory in Stryi can no longer increase production because ... Read More »

The construction of the resort on the black sea

Строительство курорта на черном море

AgriEuro Corp., a Romanian company for the development of aquaculture and tourism, which owns 16,18 sq km of land in the Danube Delta, which is a monument of world heritage of UNESCO, gathered to build the largest resort on the Black sea. The company has hired Romanian architectural and design firm Tehnomontaj for preparation of feasibility study and design of ... Read More »