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Construction market

“Kyivmiskbud” reported on the legality of the construction on St. svyatoshinska (documents)


In the holding company “Kyivmiskbud” note that the construction and installation works on the land at ul. Svyatoshinskaya, 2 is legal, which is confirmed by the permits and expert opinions. Relevant materials are posted on the company’s official website. “In 2014, it was the decision of the Kyiv city Council on the transfer of land PJSC “HC “Kyivmiskbud” for the ... Read More »

Verkhovna Rada according to provide zemuchastki for use without auctions

аренда земли под строительство

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On amendments to the Land code of Ukraine on land auctions”. For this decision voted 228 deputies of the 226 minimum required. The law, in particular, stipulates that the land auction conducted in accordance with the contract between the organizer of land bidding and the contractor. “Financing the organization and conduct of land sales ... Read More »

Construction events of the week 15 – 19 February

Kiev, at least twenty-five years of waiting for the subway troieschyna. Every new government promises, each new mayor promises, the money allocated to “accounting”, “study”, “survey”, something floats away in his pockets, and subway, as there was not. Back to the issue: “the Builder of the fourth metro line want to find in March.” and, behold, the Kiev metro has ... Read More »

How does ProZorro actually.


Today our President wrote on the page on Facebook, signed the law “On public procurement” and launched the work of the service transparent procurement Prozorro. He also claims that it is an effective and efficient system and the corruption and fraud of public officials will be excluded. How are things really? Here’s how: 1. Registered ProZorro. 2. Found your profile ... Read More »

Kyiv authorities propose to oblige developers to provide 1% of the housing to socially vulnerable individuals

Технический надзор

The deputies of Kyiv city Council (Kyiv city Council) on the initiative of the Deputy city mayor – Secretary of Kyiv city Council Vladimir Prokopov intend to address in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with a proposal to amend the law “On regulation of urban development” in the portion of the share participation of developers in residential construction. According to ... Read More »

The court confirmed the illegality of the construction of pharmaceutical warehouses near Kiev

Суд подтвердил незаконность строительства аптечных складов под Киевом

The higher administrative court of Ukraine confirmed legitimacy of actions of the State architectural and construction inspection for cancelling the registration of declarations by LLC “universal logistic” about the beginning of construction works and readiness of the administrative-warehouse complex in the village of Great Aleksandrovka, Boryspil district, Kyiv region Kiev street road 121. The offender, disagreeing with the decision Derzharhbudinspektsiyi, ... Read More »

Construction in Ukraine for the year rose by almost a third

Строительная экспертиза

The prices for construction-Assembly works (CAW) in Ukraine in 2015 has increased by 27.1% compared with 2014, according to the State statistics service of Ukraine. According to the report, the price increase for CMP by the end of 2015 recorded in all areas of construction. According gosstata, most increased prices for construction-Assembly works in construction of pipelines, communication and power ... Read More »

Mariupol has been given the authority Derzharhbudinspektsiyi

Image 1

February 8, Mariupol has been given the authority Derzharhbudinspektsiyi. In the ceremony of signing the Memorandum was attended by the Vice Prime Minister – Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko. Read More »

Fires in new buildings: the reasons that many “close my eyes”

Пожар на Шулявке

On the Ukrainian market of real estate are frequently caught in new buildings erected with obvious violations. For the control of safety rule violations must meet the division of state fire supervision. If you are planning to buy a property it is better to know in advance what material is used as insulation in a new building installed on site ... Read More »

In the fight against unauthorized construction has entered the road

авторский надзор в строительстве

At the intersection of Warsaw and Pine in Lviv will install a sign prohibiting the passage of vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t. the Corresponding decision was made by the city Commission on road safety. Now the owner of illegal buildings will not be able to transport equipment to the construction site. In November 2015, the developer began to build ... Read More »

On the construction of fortifications prevented the waste of money in Zaporozhye.

На строительстве укреплений предотвратили растрату денег в Запорожье.

Employees of the security service of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhya region have prevented the embezzlement of state funds allocated for the construction of fortifications in the zone of the antiterrorist operation. Officials of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration signed an agreement with a local company to carry out the relevant works reported Zaxid.net in a press-Department service. In September-December 2015 the contractor ... Read More »

Construction of shopping centers from containers.

Будівництво торгових центрів з контейнерів.

London and new York can boast of a shopping Mall from shipping containers. Now to the owners of this miracle and joined Buenos Aires. Developed by BZZ Arquitectura complex called QUO Container Center consists of 57 bright steel boxes, accommodating small local business. Under the roof with solar panels, restaurants, offices, shopping arcades and gallery with cafe. Containers picked up ... Read More »

The Bank will support all construction projects of Ukraine

Бескидский тоннель на границе Львовской

At Beskid pass the first stage of construction of a new double-track railway tunnel. This road in the mountains is of strategic importance, because thanks to her goods to Europe will be delivered faster and in large volumes. Beskid tunnel on the border of Lviv and Transcarpathian regions was built during the Austro-Hungary in 1886, During the war, undermined it, ... Read More »

Changes in taxation of real property

Технический надзор

The Ministry of Finance explained the changes in the taxation of immovable property effective from 1 January 2016. This is stated in the message of the Ministry. The Finance Ministry reminds that the Verkhovna Rada on 24 December 2015 was adopted the Law No. 909 amending part of the estate tax. Taxed as residential (apartment, house) and non-residential property, including ... Read More »

To build on several floors in the house decided in Lviv

Надстройка этажей Львов и Служба технического надзора

The Department of State architectural construction inspection in Lviv region has fined the Contracting organization 124 thousand UAH. any deviation from project documentation in the construction of residential houses on Green street, 268, and Jasmine str., 5, in Lviv. During the inspection of the construction of apartment houses with built-in and attached facilities for public use on Green street and ... Read More »

In SACC changed the conditions making objects 4 and 5 categories of complexity

Бюро технического надзора

In Derzharhbudinspektsiyi Ukraine was held a production meeting on the improvement of work connected with acceptance in operation of objects of the fourth and fifth categories of complexity. The meeting was attended by first Deputy head of the Inspectorate Valery Filonczuk, heads of structural subdivisions of the Central apparatus and the main construction supervision inspectors from all regions of Ukraine. ... Read More »

The construction of cheap apartment buildings in Poltava

Строительная экспертиза

Management of capital construction of Poltava city Executive Committee has signed an agreement with LLC “Dolomit-Story” on the construction of an apartment house on Shevchenko street 73a. The cost of the work amounted to $ 30,54 mn. when the expected procurement value 41,26 mn. Construction work must be completed before June 2017. According to the specifications, the contractor will have ... Read More »

How are Australian farmers

«Великая стена» - оригинальный комплекс временного жилья.

Every year in agricultural areas of Western Australia held seasonal grazing. And that the shepherds spent the time in comfort, on the territory of the pastures was built with temporary housing. It resembles a natural earthen mound, “dissolved” in the surrounding landscape. Architect Luigi Rosselini was designed and built residential complex called The Great Wall (“Great wall”). It is a ... Read More »

Construction of bus station in Lviv “Palace”

Технический надзор за строительством Двірцевий Львів

Near the train station in Lviv was constructed bus station “Palace”. The complex will serve the urban, suburban, intercity and international regular passenger services. The modern complex was built on the site of the former bus station No. 8 near railway station. In its construction the carriers have invested 9 mln. “There used to be fitted under the building trailers. ... Read More »

The most promising country for investment in real estate in 2016

Надзор за строительством

Colliers International interviewed 600 market participants across the globe. The leaders were identified both among States and among cities. In the coming year investors will continue to attract the most liquid property markets such as London, new York and Tokyo. In some countries, market participants will seek less risk due to geopolitical factors or economic instability. Among the countries of ... Read More »