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To arrange the apartment and the inheritance in Ukraine will be new

Бюро технического надзора

The Ministry of justice transmits the right registration in place, promising to simplify the procedure and make it cheaper. In this case, from may 1 to issue securities, you will not only through the state Registrar and private notaries, but also in the rural councils, centers for the provision of administrative and even in the offices of “Ukrposhta”. Also expanded ... Read More »

Negative rates in Denmark has forced banks to pay their customers money for mortgages

технический надзор за строительством

Denmark before other European countries for banks introduced negative interest rates. Now the key interest rate in the country is -0,65%, and therefore many mortgage borrowers began to obtain from the Bank because I received a mortgage in it. Many residents of Denmark “earn” for negative rates is not precisely known. However, one of the largest players in the Danish ... Read More »

Appeared the first photos of luxurious underwater housing

Floating Seahorse 2

Appeared the first photos of luxurious underwater Ojai “Floating sea horse” (Floating Seahorse), luxurious private villas, partially submerged, was conducted in secrecy from the moment it was first presented at the international boat show in Dubai in 2015 (technically, the Villa is classified as a boat). As it became known BTN.kiev.ua, a Dubai-based developer Kleindienst Group and its branch Seahorse ... Read More »

Construction enterprises of Ukraine increased the volume of work

Технический надзор

Construction enterprises of Ukraine in January-March 2016 increased volume of work compared to the same period last year by 1.9% – up to UAH 10 billion, reported the State statistics service of Ukraine. In particular, according to the state statistics service, the volume of works on construction of buildings for the reporting period decreased by 0.4% – to UAH 5.4 ... Read More »

In Lviv will resume the reconstruction of the Customs area

In Lviv will resume the reconstruction of the Customs area. According to the chief of Department of protection of historical environment of LGS Lily Onishchenko, to begin work at the end of the month. This year it is planned to perform all the work on revitalizing the square. It will cost 6 million USD. On the square we need to ... Read More »

On a site in Lviv attacked

технадзор во Львове

On the construction site at the intersection of Stefanik-Tchaikovsky Lviv looked people in balaclavas. As a result, the fence was dismantled. Therefore, the construction site was left open. People in masks consider the construction of a modern five-story office center is illegal. In early March Gosarhstroyinspektsiya after an unscheduled inspection of the facility was given two prescriptions. “The project documentation ... Read More »

The construction of affordable housing was resumed, Dnepropetrovsk

Авторский надзор за строительством Строительство доступного жилья возобновлено, Днепропетровск

KP “regional development Agency “Region-Leader” of Dnipropetrovsk regional Council signed an agreement with the PE “Firm “Bridge” for the construction of affordable housing from 45.99 mln. Ordered the construction of the first phase of the first residential complex in the residential area “Levoberezhny-3”. The term of the agreement until full implementation of commitments. In November 2012 KP “ARR “Region-Leader” of ... Read More »

Information about violations in the construction of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

инженер технического надзора

Organization-publisher: Chernobyl RO KGB of the USSR Date: 19.12.1978 Place of creation: Chernobyl Keywords: NPP, construction, information, Kiev, Klochko, KGB, USSR, Chernobyl How to play: typescript Type of document: organizational documents The document language: Russian; Extreme dates: 25.07.1978 — 18.08.1978 Read More »

Kiev became the leader on volumes of construction works

Инженер технического надзора

The capital city and Kharkiv region – leaders by the volume of construction works. According to the State statistics service of Ukraine. In General, in January-March 2016 in Ukraine carried out construction work on the $ 9.9 billion UAH, including in Kiev was 2.43 billion UAH, and in Kharkiv region – not more than one billion USD. Further according to ... Read More »

Rada allowed to privatize housing in the dorms after 5 years of residence

Надзор за строительством

Council authorized the citizens who from-for absence of own habitation for a long time (more than 5 years) legally live in the dorms, after the transfer of the joint ownership of territorial communities, free of charge to privatise the premises in which they live. For adoption on second reading of bill No. 1076 252 deputies voted. In the explanatory note ... Read More »

The construction of the house the border guards in Sumy

Eastern regional Directorate of the state border guard service of Ukraine according to the results of the tender ordered LLC “Construction production-commercial company “Fedorchenko” building a house in Sumy for 36,96 million UAH. Until the end of 2017 on the street 40 years of October, to be built ten-storey house. The contractor shall carry out all complex of works: from ... Read More »

The construction of a hotel-restaurant complex in Zhytomyr forest

Авторский надзор за строительством.

Zhytomyr regional Prosecutor’s office filed a series of claims against LLC “Dominvest” about returning to the state more than 14 hectares of forest, where the company built a hotel-restaurant complex “the hutorke “Chegodaeva”. The complex is located on the territory of two districts: Chernyakhiv, Zhytomyr and. Land area of 1,9 hectares of Zhytomyr RSA transferred to the company in rent ... Read More »

The construction of residential complexes stopped. Odessa.

The Department Derzharhbudinspektsiyi in the Odessa region has cancelled the registration of 5 of permits for the construction ZHSK “riverside quarter” in the village Kryzhanovka on Sofievskaya street. Having conducted an unscheduled inspection of the construction ZHSK “the waterfront quarter – Kryzhanovka” and ZHSK “the waterfront quarter – Kryzhanovka-2”, the inspection found that the Declaration on the beginning of construction ... Read More »

The Executive approved the write-offs of apartment buildings

khruschevka btn.kiev.ua

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has defined the procedure of writing off from the balance of the ministries, other Central Executive authorities, state enterprises and local governments apartment houses are placed in areas of private and other forms of ownership. The adoption of this procedure are fixed by decree of the Ukrainian government No. 301 of 20 April 2016, ... Read More »

Building layouts from the styrene are going to ban

Строительные макеты из стирола собираются запретить BTN.kiev.ua

College of architecture at Washington University in St. Louis is going to forbid students to use the styrene in the creation of models on the grounds that it is dangerous to health. The College belongs to the school of design and fine arts. “We are discussing health problems and examine alternative materials, – said Dean of the school Carmon Colangelo. ... Read More »

In Spain, the Bank building will be converted into a luxury hostel

In Spain, the Bank building will be converted into a luxury hostel

In February on the Spanish real estate market was a great deal. 25 million euros was sold to the historical building, headquarters of Banco de Andalucía (2009 Banco Popular). Administrative building in Seville acquired by the investment company dragon Capital. This summer work will begin on the redevelopment of the Bank in hostel Sevilla. Announced that a new hostel “will ... Read More »

Residents of high-rise buildings in Ukraine threaten large-scale problems because of the deed to the house

Строительная экспертиза

Lawmakers continue to develop the database necessary for a complete launch in Ukraine of the Institute of the condominium.Construction expertise So, the adopted last year act No. 417-VIII suggests that before 1 July this year will be completely changed the system of governance national housing authority. On minujeca should come management companies. They need to choose to residents of high-rise ... Read More »

The Prosecutor’s office returned the land to the Kiev Obolon

Kiev Obolon

Kyiv economic court satisfied the claim of Prosecutor’s office of Kyiv local No. 5 and ordered the private company to return the capital community, 0.6 ha of land on the square of Friendship of peoples in Obolon district. The Prosecutor’s office determined that the lessee is in violation of the terms of the contract used the land for another purpose, ... Read More »

As for the Ukrainians to get a loan for insulation from EBRD


Raduga Ukraine have a new source of funding for energy efficiency in the housing sector. It is about 75 million euros that our country allocates the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD). It should be said that the residential sector of Ukraine is one of the largest in Europe (over 10 million buildings). Credit resources will be made available ... Read More »

Construction in Ukraine continues to rise

Надзор за строительством

The prices for construction-Assembly works (CAW) in Ukraine in January-February of 2016, compared with the same period of 2015 increased by 16%, according to the State statistics service of Ukraine. According to the report, the price increase for CMP according to the results of the first two months of the year recorded in all areas of construction. According gosstata, most ... Read More »