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Construction market

Passive house

Пасивний будинок, btn.kiev.ua

Germany is one of the leading countries in the development of the theory and practice of construction of passive houses – buildings with zero or very low heating costs. Passive House Institute, located in Darmstadt, has a complex method of design of such houses, on which the whole country is actively built entire villages, with a standard “passive house”. Darmstadt ... Read More »

Standalone house

Автономний будинок, технагляд

(Украинский) Автономний будинок функціонує незалежно від зовнішньої інфраструктури, тобто без електро- і газопостачання зовні. Це як мінімум. Подальша автономізація веде до автономного водопостачання, каналізації, переробки продуктів життєдіяльності мешканців у корисні продукти, використанню дощової води. Read More »



Latvian millionaire realized in the vicinity of Cesis fantastic project. Bought 30,000 hectares of forest in the hilly area, he built “City of the Sun”, where there are special rules and people are quite different daily life. Under the terms of the project, all at home, and in the territory of 300, built from environmentally friendly materials. For every house ... Read More »

Very nice Turkish Station


Bus transportation in Turkey – this is an example not only for Asia, but for Europe. Even long-distance bus stations in the country are more like airport terminals. As an example, the station in the city of Kayseri, which can be considered the most beautiful in this subject throughout Turkey. Bus transportation in Turkey – this is an example not ... Read More »

Lviv in court will pay for the unfinished stadium to “Euro-2012”

Славське стадион. Строительство

Economic Court of Kyiv satisfied the claim of OOO “Ukrdizayngrupp” to the State Enterprise “Directorate of Building Euro 2012 in Lviv” for the recovery of 43.8 thousand. UAH. for the implementation of construction supervision training base in Slavsko. Base were built in Ukraine for the finals of the European Football Championship “Euro 2012”. But the building was never finished. In ... Read More »

Development control

Строительный контроль

(Русский) Строительный контроль это одна из функций технического заказчика на строительстве, к другим областям ответственности, а это авторский надзор, согласование проекта и получение разрешения на строительство, сотрудники технического надзора не причастны. Read More »

Holes in the future – a new technological breakthrough in the construction of tunnels

Технадзор в строительстве

(Русский) Новый технологический прорыв в строительстве - это тоннели рекордной длины, которые строятся в горах и под морями. По данным тоннелям пойдет и питьевая вода. Такое новшество было принято из-за увеличения количества людей на Земле, по прогнозам ООН, численность городских жителей к 2030 году приблизится к 5 млрд человек. Read More »