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As Ukrainians moneychangers throw fake money

Due to jumps in the currency market Ukrainians are turning to the exchangers , and those - customers come true fake bills. According to the Speaker of the Kiev police Olga Bilyk , this year , law enforcement officers have seized counterfeit money - about 400 euros, 500 dollars and several thousand hryvnia . Read More »

Global food prices are rising because of a record of events in Ukraine


FAO Food Price Index ( Food and Agriculture Organization) in February showed the steepest jump since mid- 2012 - up to 208.1 points, down 5.2 points ( 2.6 %) higher than a few Adjusted for January 2014 According to a press release from FAO. Read More »

Kiev pay off debt loan


Yesterday KSCA repaid the loan to the bank " Khreschatyk " 150 million hryvnia. Amount of 450 million UAH city government borrowed from the bank in 2009 to repay the difference in tariffs for electricity for the privileged categories of the population before the company "Kyivenergo" . Read More »

Interest on deposits in Ukraine are growing by leaps and bounds


Ukrainian banks in January faced with outflows : the deposit portfolio of individuals decreased by UAH 3.8 billion (-0.9%) . Most of the funds taken from the accounts of customers in foreign currency ( USD 2.9 billion equivalent) , while the reduction of hryvnia deposits portfolio amounted to UAH 914 million . Last time the population outflow was observed in November 2011 : while banks lost a total of 884.1 million UAH , "Kommersant -Ukraine" . Read More »

About half of the GDP of Ukraine “eaten” shadow economy


The shadow economy - is any economic activity , not registered by the authorities of the country or, in other words, it is not controlled by the state and not accounted production, consumption, exchange and distribution of material goods or services. Read More »

Lawyer explained how NBU currency restrictions will affect business


NBU its decision significantly limited turnover rates in Ukraine , because to buy the currency Ukrainian companies now have to wait at least six working days. Lawyer Jurimex LC Prichepa Tatiana believes that it is not all the problems that may face business - banking clients . Read More »

In the U.S., there will be ATMs for the acclaimed online currency


At the end of February 2014 the company Robocoin establish the first U.S. ATM, through which you can buy and sell Bitcoins . This is stated in a statement. The emergence of ATMs will be another step towards the promotion of digital currency , writes the "Capital" . Read More »

National Bank has restricted the sale of currency for remittance abroad


(Русский) В ведомстве также объяснили, на что не распространяются данные ограничения Национальный банк Украины ограничил продажу валюты физическим лицам для дальнейшего перевода за рубеж на уровне 50 тыс. грн в месяц. Read More »

Experts admit stabilization of the dollar in the spring


In the meantime, the expert community does not preclude appreciation of the dollar to 10 hryvnia deposits and limit issue Demand for the currency , and with it the dollar in Ukraine are increasing due to the unstable political situation . As soon as the situation becomes clearer , the dollar will fall in price to 8.3-8.5 USD, and the ... Read More »

Why has begun and what is “dollar fever” in Ukraine


Due to falling prices jump hryvnia , and the NBU may tighten its policy This afternoon , February 5 , in the interbank currency market of Ukraine the price of the dollar jumped to 9.4 UAH . Bidding has not yet closed , so to speak about the results of the day early. However, the topic ” greenback ” Ukrainians ... Read More »

The EU should not pay anything for the association with Ukraine – Barroso


European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that the European Union with its partners to discuss the provision of financial assistance to Ukraine to overcome the economic challenges facing and not to Kiev signed an association agreement . Read More »

Americans began to block the payments of the Ukrainian banks


Foreign banks started blocking international payments Ukrainian financial institutions , forcing them to identify the senders of money. In particular , the Americans forced Ukrainian banks further check their customers against them for the presence of international economic sanctions . Ukrainian officials against individual U.S. sanctions have not been applied yet , but it looks like preparation for their introduction ... Read More »

The price of gold in banks increased


14.01.14 at 14:00 local banks in Kiev the average selling price of gold bullion in denominations of 100 grams. was 339.95 UAH per 1 g. , an increase of 0.40 % compared with the previous day . Minimum and maximum offers of banks to sell 100 gr. XAU up 337.30 UAH . and Rs 345.82 . respectively. Best offer to ... Read More »

In the euro area has increased significantly counterfeit money – 26%


Power of the single European currency zone in 2013 discovered and taken out of circulation about 670,000 counterfeit euro banknotes, which is 26% more than in 2012. In Germany, however, is bucking the trend. According to the Bundesbank, in 2013 the German authorities found 39,000 counterfeit euro banknotes, which is 6% lower than a year ago. January 13 ECB also ... Read More »