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Best resorts for winter recreation


With the approaching Christmas holidays, you want something magical. A list of the most amazing eco-resorts winter. They will fit all: and those who love to ski and those who like to roll around in the snow, and even those who like to sit by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. Whitepod Eco Resort located in the village of La ... Read More »

One room apartment story

История одного ремонта

(Русский) Важно составлять договор со специалистами в строительном деле и юристами. Смета должна быть расписана на весь проект, пусть это будет не точная смета и она будет уточняться, но в ней будут расписаны этапы работ, материалы, работы затраты основные и не основные. Read More »

Tourism and amber keep their prices at Ukrainian housing

авторский надзор

Ukrainian real estate continues to fall, and throughout the country. As reported in Olympus-consulting, for the year of apartments on the secondary market in the regional centers of the country fell from 1.3% to 20%. Least of all in the price have lost their homes in the Western regions (Lviv, Ternopil, Rivne, Chernivtsi, Lutsk, Khmelnitsky, Ivano-Frankivsk), on average, 3.7%. The ... Read More »

The DGF will sell belonging to the Bank “Forum” Kyiv hotel “Bakkara”


The guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits in the framework of realization of the assets of the Bank “Forum” intends to sell at public auction at the Bakkara hotel. According to the report, published in the edition “Voice of Ukraine”, online-auction for sale of hotel “Bakkara” will be held on 23 November 2015 and will be organized by LLC“Samson” (Kiev). ... Read More »

The Bank has to collect from the Builder of the Kiev UAH 200 million.

киевгорстрой оштрафован

Kyiv economic court satisfied the claim of PJSC “JSCB “Arkada” and awarded to PJSC “HC “Kyivmiskbud” 197,71 mn. as remuneration for the transfer of funds to Finance the construction. In 2002, the holding company and the Bank entered into a contract in which an “arcade” was to create a construction financing Fund to attract funds of individuals and legal entities. ... Read More »

The Deposit guarantee Fund sold the assets of banks on 30 million UAH

технический надзор

The Deposit guarantee Fund (DGF) from 19 to 23 October, sold the assets of four insolvent banks in the total amount 31,01 million. About it reports a press-service of the Fund. Thus, it was possible to implement fixed assets of PJSC “BROKBUSINESSBANK” at 26,24 million USD and the Bank “Golden gate” – 3,25 th. Requirements on loans to PJSC “CB ... Read More »

Investments into elite real estate of Kiev has doubled

Сопровождение строительства

Capital investment in elite real estate of Kiev on transactions of real estate Agency (EN) “Blagovest” and Park Lane, are members of First Realty Group (all Kiev) in September 2015 increased by 81% compared with August-2015 — to $to 6.88 million, which is 23% of the total investment in the property for a month. Such data, based on the value ... Read More »

Sale of commercial property in the Euro area for the year increased by 32%

коммерческая недвижимость

Investors in the real estate market become new supporters of the quantitative easing program (QE) by the European Central Bank (ECB), experts say. Sale of commercial property in the Eurozone for the year ended 30 June, jumped 32%, according to Knight Frank LLP London. The volume of investment transactions amounted 104,2 billion euros ($117,5 billion). In Portugal transactions became more ... Read More »

The minimum term of state registration of real estate will be 2 hours for a ten-fold cost (Ordinance)


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has set new reduced terms of service of state registration of rights to real property within five, three, one working day and two hours from the moment of acceptance of the application, whereas previously this service was provided only three days from the moment of registration of the application for a double payment. The ... Read More »

Capital investments in construction account for 15%

Строительные работы

For the first six months of this year in structure of capital investment of 15.2% in Ukraine had to build. It is reported by the State statistics service of Ukraine. The total amount of capital investments in the building sector amounted in the first half of 15,02 billion UAH, which is 79.4% of the volume of investment in construction for ... Read More »

MPs EN masse to receive compensation for rental housing

In April-June compensation from the state budget for the rental or hire of hotel rooms has received 186 deputies. About it writes “the Voice of Ukraine”. As noted, in the first quarter of the compensation received by the leader of the faction “Association “Self-help” Oleg Berezyuk, first Deputy Chairman of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy, Mykhailo Dobkin (former Chairman of the ... Read More »

Affordable housing in Russia will build Chinese


(Русский) Дома обещают возвести в разных регионах страны Застройщики из Китая примут участие в госпрограммах по строительству 25 млн м2 доступного жилья в разных регионах России. Об этом сообщил крупный федеральный чиновник. Read More »

For the price of one-bedroom apartment can buy a house of 100 square meters

управление строительством

(Русский) Экономические неурядицы вкупе с продолжающимся на Востоке страны вооруженным противостоянием привели к почти повсеместному снижению цен на недвижимость. По мнению многих специалистов, сейчас рынок либо уже лежит на своем ценовом дне, либо подвешен где-то совсем рядышком с таковым. Read More »

Luxury villa, built in the style of “minimalism”

инженер технического надзора

(Русский) Эта шикарная вилла построена в одном из высокогорных районов Рио-де-Жанейро. Несмотря на свою приближенность к мегаполису, она «спрятана» от любопытных глаз на склоне холма в окружении густых тропических зарослей. Read More »

The maximum rate of rent in the shopping center of Kiev has decreased by 20%

технадзор за торговым центром

(Русский) “Снижение потребительской активности и оптимизация планов ритейлеров по развитию оказали влияние и на существующие объекты торговой недвижимости. Read More »

Lukashenko finished badly: Ukraine introduces import duty on almost all products from Belarus – 55.29%


Ukraine has decided to impose duties on imports of confectionery, dairy products, light bulbs, refrigerators and fertilizers from Belarus in the amount of 55.29% of the customs value of up to 31 December 2016 (inclusive). This is stated in the commission’s report. ICIT July 1, 2014 considered the report of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade “The results of ... Read More »

What the Chinese are buying real estate in the U.S.


One of the reasons for the rapid restoration of the real estate market in the U.S. was a sharp increase in demand from foreign buyers. According to the newspaper Wall Street Journal, the purchase of real estate by foreigners in the U.S. jumped by 35% last year, with most of the purchases was made by Chinese citizens. Almost every fourth ... Read More »

The cost of real estate valuation in Ukraine for six months increased by 4 times – despite claims of tax appraisers

техническое задание на строительство

(Русский) Стоимость оценки недвижимости в 2014 году значительно выросла, вопреки заявлениям налоговых оценщиков о том, что оценка станет дешевле. Read More »