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Property tax: how much now are the “extra” parameters (infographic)

налог на недвижимость инфорграфика

From July 1 began the period of payment of property tax for natural persons-owners of houses and apartments. Recall the tax this year, paid for 2015, to pay to the state within 60 days after receipt from the authority Gospitalniy service (GFS) tax notice. Who and how much should be paid to the Treasury for its “m”? As explained by ... Read More »

Revenues to local budgets from the property tax for 2015

Заказать акт на скрытые работы в строительстве

In 2015, the amount of property tax paid to local budgets totalled 745,7 million USD. This is 0.6% of revenues of local budgets or 0.04% of GDP in 2015. In other countries the property tax is on average 1% of GDP and about 10% of the revenues of the consolidated budget. A quarter of the tax was collected in Kiev, ... Read More »

Subsidies for the rich housing: To whom will descend a fee with a check?

Субсидии для богатых

Local authorities have the right according to the decision of a special Commission to calculate the subsidy on a large area of housing. However, make sure that it really is a poor man, disabled or retired. The Commission therefore come with checks to some of those wishing to apply for a grant. This was told by Vice Prime Minister of ... Read More »

The Ministry of justice from 1 may no longer registers the property and business

инженер технического надзора

The powers of the state registration of legal entities and physical persons – entrepreneurs, as well as rights in REM in immovable property within the framework of decentralization passed more than 6 thousand Ukrainian notaries, said the first Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Natalia Sevostianova. “From 1 may transition (decentralization of functions to state registration – ed.) is completed ... Read More »

Negative rates in Denmark has forced banks to pay their customers money for mortgages

технический надзор за строительством

Denmark before other European countries for banks introduced negative interest rates. Now the key interest rate in the country is -0,65%, and therefore many mortgage borrowers began to obtain from the Bank because I received a mortgage in it. Many residents of Denmark “earn” for negative rates is not precisely known. However, one of the largest players in the Danish ... Read More »

Rada allowed to privatize housing in the dorms after 5 years of residence

Надзор за строительством

Council authorized the citizens who from-for absence of own habitation for a long time (more than 5 years) legally live in the dorms, after the transfer of the joint ownership of territorial communities, free of charge to privatise the premises in which they live. For adoption on second reading of bill No. 1076 252 deputies voted. In the explanatory note ... Read More »

Residents of high-rise buildings in Ukraine threaten large-scale problems because of the deed to the house

Строительная экспертиза

Lawmakers continue to develop the database necessary for a complete launch in Ukraine of the Institute of the condominium.Construction expertise So, the adopted last year act No. 417-VIII suggests that before 1 July this year will be completely changed the system of governance national housing authority. On minujeca should come management companies. They need to choose to residents of high-rise ... Read More »

The vacancy rate of offices Kiev in the I quarter decreased to 23.3%


The vacancy rate of office space Kyiv in the first quarter of 2016 decreased by 0.9 percentage points (PP) compared to the previous quarter and amounted to 23,3%, relative to the vacancy rate of the first quarter of 2015, the decline was 3.8 percentage points, reported the press service of the consulting company Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) in Ukraine on ... Read More »

As for the Ukrainians to get a loan for insulation from EBRD


Raduga Ukraine have a new source of funding for energy efficiency in the housing sector. It is about 75 million euros that our country allocates the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD). It should be said that the residential sector of Ukraine is one of the largest in Europe (over 10 million buildings). Credit resources will be made available ... Read More »

In the Kiev mayor’s office suggested that modernization of houses on credit

Технический надзор в строительстве за утеплением дома

Individual savings the apartment may reduce the amount in the payment no more than 5-6%. “Diode lamps, aerators on water taps, turning off unnecessary appliances and other measures can’t change the main thing — the amount of the payment for heating, and this is the biggest share of the utility payments”, — said the adviser to the Deputy head of ... Read More »

How to register a business and real estate in Kharkov

Надзор за строительством

Last days to register a property or enterprise Kharkiv only in the registration Department of the city Council. As the Director of the division Oleg Drobot, the transition period, when registration was conducted in the departments of justice and the Department of registration, ended. The documents for registration of rights to immovable property must be submitted in the centers of ... Read More »

Verkhovna Rada according to provide zemuchastki for use without auctions

аренда земли под строительство

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On amendments to the Land code of Ukraine on land auctions”. For this decision voted 228 deputies of the 226 minimum required. The law, in particular, stipulates that the land auction conducted in accordance with the contract between the organizer of land bidding and the contractor. “Financing the organization and conduct of land sales ... Read More »

(Русский) Налоговая милиция предотвратила махинации со строительством новых жилых комплексов

The tax police prevented fraud with the construction of new residential complexes. This is stated in the report of the State fiscal service. The staff of tax police warned a large-scale Scam in the real estate market. During documenting of criminal activity of the organizers of the konvertatsionny center was established that they planned to conduct an advertising campaign to ... Read More »

How does ProZorro actually.


Today our President wrote on the page on Facebook, signed the law “On public procurement” and launched the work of the service transparent procurement Prozorro. He also claims that it is an effective and efficient system and the corruption and fraud of public officials will be excluded. How are things really? Here’s how: 1. Registered ProZorro. 2. Found your profile ... Read More »

Kyiv authorities propose to oblige developers to provide 1% of the housing to socially vulnerable individuals

Технический надзор

The deputies of Kyiv city Council (Kyiv city Council) on the initiative of the Deputy city mayor – Secretary of Kyiv city Council Vladimir Prokopov intend to address in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with a proposal to amend the law “On regulation of urban development” in the portion of the share participation of developers in residential construction. According to ... Read More »

Revenues in the capital budget for land use in 2015 has increased by more than a third

аренда земли под строительство

Revenue in the budget of Kiev from the payment for land use in 2015 increased by 36.8% compared to the 2014 year and amounted to 2.6 billion USD. According to Director of Department of land resources of Kyiv city state administration (KCSA) Alexei Polishchuk at a press conference in Kiev, in the amount of payments for use of land and ... Read More »

Ministry of justice initiates a free access to the state register of real estate

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine initiates the free access of Ukrainian citizens to the state registry of real estate. “A year has passed (earned the land registry – ed.) and can say that we are ready to ensure that the register was open. And society, and the Ministry of justice done to the roster was free to use” – ... Read More »

The SFS told how to penalize those who do not pay property taxes

технический надзор

In the spring of Ukrainians will begin to receive receipts for payment of estate tax. If during the period from may to July you not got the payment for the property, we must personally come looking for her in the tax. “The citizen must pay within sixty days if not paid, it is charged a penalty of ten percent of ... Read More »

To Ukrainians advise to re-register your property

авторский надзор

In Ukraine in full force after a transition period earned the new rules of registration of real estate rights. Entered into force new edition of the law “On state registration of rights to immovable property and their encumbrances”. Journalists tried to find out major changes: now the only document, confirming the right of ownership to the apartment is the extract ... Read More »

In Ukraine changed the order of registration of real estate: the Lawyer explained that will change

Since January 1 in Ukraine entered into force a new procedure for registration of immovable property. Lawyers with Prove Group reviewed a number of significant rules which it is desirable to know the property owners. First, there is no such document as proof of ownership, instead the right to property will be confirmed through the Internet. Secondly, the registration of ... Read More »