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The illegal buildings in Lviv

Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy requires that law enforcement bodies find and punish the organizers of the burning creative Studio chief city architect Julian Chaplinsky. According to him, it is an attempt to scare officials that are fighting against illegal construction.Борьба с незаконными застройками во Львове
“The bandits set fire to the Studio of Julian Chaplinsky, who takes a principled stand against the violators. I demand from law enforcement to find and punish the organizers of arson and their clients and to ensure the protection of the chief architect and his family. This is not the first threats against him,” said the mayor of the city Zaxid.net. Often the quality control in building these facilities also takes place with many violations.
This threatened not only Unconscious, but also the activists of “Self-help”, which reveal the construction fraud.
“Our response will be short, clear and decisive – all illegal construction will be stopped and the buildings removed. Once again I ask all potential buyers to be careful and to check the information about the legality of the construction on the website of the Lviv city Council”, stressed the Garden.