Bureau of technical supervision

Supervision of construction

Supervision of construction is a set of activities that are based on the customer agreement or contract entered into with the drafters of the working documents for the construction of the object. The main task that confronts surveillance data, is to check compliance with the author of the project of construction of buildings and design solution. The main document that regulates the relationship between the representative of field supervision and the customer is a contract for supervision. To begin with the author’s supervision of buildings under construction goes face you put the responsibility for maintaining the complex events. In this case, it should have a graph with field supervision.

Professionals authorized to carry out supervision, have the following rights:
• Access to each of the constructed building objects and venue construction and installation works;
• access to all technical documents that are directly related to construction;
• control over compliance with the requirements specified in the magazine;
• making proposals to the State Architectural and Construction Supervision of Urban Development and other agencies on a temporary halt installation and construction work carried out with violations.

Among the main responsibilities of the persons responsible for supervision of construction, should be highlighted:
• check for compliance with the documentation of all actions builders and installers;
• check the quality of work performed;
• Consideration of amendments to the working document;
• assistance in getting acquainted with the technical documents builders, installers and representatives of the customer;
• notification of the customer about the work performed poorly or late.

Any supervision of construction includes a series of inspections, which are conducted:

1. Once:
• reinforcement of foundation base;
• waterproofing foundation walls;
• Even seams and corners ligation the first 15 rows of brick walls;
• channels for air conditioning systems and in the walls of the chimney;
• laying the first 5 rows of aerated concrete walls;
• reinforcement jumpers floors;
• floor installation;
• ladder frame construction.

2. Constantly:
• masonry walls series of aerated concrete;
• reinforcement of aerated concrete masonry walls;
In addition, every month held control over the amount of work done.