Bureau of technical supervision

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Supervision of construction


Supervision of construction can be carried out on the following sites: Public buildings (offices, shopping and business centers, administrative buildings and ucherezhdencheskiye). Dwelling houses and buildings (apartment buildings and houses, hotels, hostels, hotels and so on. N.). Special purpose buildings (tunnels, underpasses, overpasses, bridges, etc.). Production and storage premises. Supervision of construction, whose main task is to provide the highest ... Read More »

Maintenance building


Support construction – consultants for the implementation of the independent construction expertise and the implementation of financial and technical monitoring throughout the project allows the investor to get an objective and relevant information, assess the risks, to optimize the value of the investment budget of the company. Construction quality control – for maximum reliability and quality at every stage of ... Read More »

In the Rivne NPP are now all four units. Connected to the network unit №2 renovated.


Press – service of the state-owned company “Energoatom” announced the Rivne nuclear power plant connected to the grid of the country after the end of the block №2 repair May 22 at 6:01. Planning and forced repair lasted 58 days, had planned the 65. With the right approach to the execution of works can not only manage to finish everything ... Read More »

Illegal construction of a nine-car garage.


In the city of Kharkov in one of the courtyards of the Oktyabrsky district developers built a nine-story apartment building, the documents say about the construction of the garage. Recall that the construction quality control is an important process in the design and construction of the building. The prosecutor’s office became interested in this illegal construction and today leads the ... Read More »

Supervision of construction

“BTN” provides with full spectrum of work concerning technical supervision. Using our services you provide yourself with timely, quality building and repairs. Professional accompaniment of building allows the customer not only save time and nerves, but also be confident in reasonableness of expenses. If you appeal to “BTN” on the level of making project, you can reduce the amount of expenses having controlled calculations and singing only beneficial contracts with contractors.

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Technical supervision

“BTN” accomplishes accompaniment of building and repairs, technical supervision over building, reconstruction and also complex administration of projects.Technical supervision:
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Budget documentation

The company "Bureau of Technical Supervision " offers professional services in the preparation and verification of estimates in the programs " AVK5 ", " Building Technology ", " AC- 4 PIR" and a commercial version .

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Americans began to block the payments of the Ukrainian banks


Foreign banks started blocking international payments Ukrainian financial institutions , forcing them to identify the senders of money. In particular , the Americans forced Ukrainian banks further check their customers against them for the presence of international economic sanctions . Ukrainian officials against individual U.S. sanctions have not been applied yet , but it looks like preparation for their introduction ... Read More »

The price of gold in banks increased


14.01.14 at 14:00 local banks in Kiev the average selling price of gold bullion in denominations of 100 grams. was 339.95 UAH per 1 g. , an increase of 0.40 % compared with the previous day . Minimum and maximum offers of banks to sell 100 gr. XAU up 337.30 UAH . and Rs 345.82 . respectively. Best offer to ... Read More »

In the euro area has increased significantly counterfeit money – 26%


Power of the single European currency zone in 2013 discovered and taken out of circulation about 670,000 counterfeit euro banknotes, which is 26% more than in 2012. In Germany, however, is bucking the trend. According to the Bundesbank, in 2013 the German authorities found 39,000 counterfeit euro banknotes, which is 6% lower than a year ago. January 13 ECB also ... Read More »

Who will Teplokommunenergo and utilities?


In Ukraine upgraded transmission order Teplokommunenergo concession and lease. For relevant changes in the law MPs voted number 640 -VII more October 10, 2013 , but they have entered into force as from 1 January 2014. Under the new order communal facilities centralized water heating and drainage prohibited lease or concession without competitive bidding . List of participants in these ... Read More »

February 1 completes a transition period during which the assessment of the property had the power, made by the old rules


” Rollercoaster ” – that such a characterization given realtors for real estate market of Ukraine , summarizing 2013. According to experts of global marketing ” KHAN ( Kharkov real estate) ,” unprecedented period ” lull ” alternated with sudden activity sector. The major causes of ” heating ” or ” cooling ” of the market is to change the ... Read More »

Minregion certified almost 7,000 architects and designers


During 11 months of 2013 Attestation Commission of architectural and construction qualification certificate issued 6884 of responsible individual types of works (services ) related to the creation of architectural objects . This was reported in the Department of State programs and housing development Regional Development of Ukraine. According to experts, 3273 sertifikovanih people – engineers , designers , 1868 – ... Read More »

Part Chersonesos illegally gave permission granted


Press – service of Sevastopol prosecutor reported that were illegally transferred land for construction cooperative Chersonesus . According to authorities, members of the cooperative illegally acquired ownership of the land on the street Pozharova . These sections relate to the territory of the National Reserve ” Chersonese” . The prosecutor’s office announced 17 lawsuits returning territory. The total cost is ... Read More »

In 120 settlements of Crimea took inventory


To date, 120 settlements of Crimea held a solid inventory of land on the area of 23.4 hectares. So , in 2013 from the national budget to carry out these operations contributed 847.8 ths. These funds are inventoried one locality Saki region and four settlements of the Black Sea region. In addition, in 2013 , 59 local authorities were provided ... Read More »

In 2013 the volume of investments in commercial real estate in the world increased by 18%


The gradual recovery of the global economy and improve liquidity caused the growth of the global volume of investments in commercial real estate in the 4th quarter of 2013 to $ 183 billion Thus , according to preliminary estimates of experts of Jones Lang LaSalle, for the entire 2013 investment in this market totaled $ 549 billion , which is ... Read More »

Construction in Odessa arena to Eurobasket goes according to schedule – investor


Construction of a multifunctional arena in Odessa, which is being built under the city’s preparation for Eurobasket 2015 , is on schedule . In December 2013 the construction of the object did not stop UNIAN was informed about the company United Basketball Investments, is building an arena for the European championship in basketball. By the end of 2013 the amount ... Read More »

Investors fully focus their activity on the most liquid markets


Gradual economic recovery will increase the percentage of employment in Europe and the demand for office space . Projected growth in the average cost of rent in this region does not cover the rate of inflation over the next two years. This is stated in the report of DTZ. In conjunction with a limited amount of new supply , the ... Read More »

Construction of the metro Troieschyna not started on time due to the Kiev City Hall


Kiev city administration needs to raise prices by metro to 3 hryvnia r1401__14 Municipality will not return the money until the expensive fare Metrostroevtsy four months have not been paid for the company ” Metrostroy ” took credit for the construction of the station , ” Towers ” , reports TSN.Ranok . Kiev authorities and the Government promised to return ... Read More »

In Helsinki, will have its own Manhattan


In early spring 2014 starts building the central part of the coastal area Kalasatama in Helsinki. In the grand design ( technical supervision ) metro station turns into a shopping center around which will host eight high-rise buildings . Center of the district received the official name Kalasatama Redi, but it is also called a mini- Manhattan. Developer of the ... Read More »