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Auchan will build a kindergarten on Poznyaky

ашанIn 2017 for children of zhilmassiva Poznyaki will open a new kindergarten.
“The municipal government is working to reduce the shortage of places in kindergartens. A year ago in the queue were 14 thousand children, during the year we reduced to 12 thousand Now continue working in this direction”, – said the Director of the Department of construction and housing of the KCSA Alexander Spasibki during a working meeting with representatives of KP “Realinvestors-UMS”, PJSC “DSC-4” and “Auchan”. Implementation supervision of the construction will be made by the municipal services.
Spasibki noted that Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko at all set a task to remove from the agenda the question of availability of places in kindergartens.

“The result of the meeting was the agreement of all participants to build a kindergarten on Poznyaky. It will be built for the funds of the investor and transferred to the municipal possession of the capital. It will be a modern garden with a swimming pool, which will be open for about 300 children. Preparatory work will be completed before the end of the year, and in 2016 the project will be under active construction. And in 2017 we will enter kindergarten in operation,” the official added.